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Nigerian Transformation Will Soon Begin-Prophet Sunday Iyunade …Says; “Tinubu’s Presidency Will Be Favourable To Nigerians”



President of the Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministry, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Prophet Sunday Dare Iyunade has urged Nigerians to be more patient as the transformation they are waiting for will start under the next government.

Iyunade added that the nation’s political system will be more vibrant because the National Assembly will create the right checks and balances to the executive.

He revealed further, during a recent press conference at the headquarters of the church in Ijebu-Ode on the 27th Anniversary of the Ministry and her 21st Annual convention, that If the assembly fails to perform up to expectation, the youths will move them to perform, adding that they will be changed if they refuse to bulge.

The cleric then urged the President-Elect to yield to the requests and yearnings of the youths, who he said have registered their anger in the presidential election.

“The prophecy that other nations of the world will shift base and move their resources into Nigeria will begin through the coming government. I saw investors lurking at the borders of Nigeria waiting to enter to invest. They are awaiting the exit of the present government. There will be conducive and safe environment for businesses to survive, hence, many investors will come into the country and they will boost the economy.

“God is going to raise a new generation of leaders to determine the economic and political affairs of this country. Many of these new leaders have never been in politics or participated in governance before. They will be put into positions of power and authority. They will perform creditably well.

“God re-emphasised the fact that, those who are responsible for the sufferings and ordeals of this country will not go unpunished as they will pay the price,” he said.

The man of God stated that God revealed to him that the script of the present government is causing more damages, but that he assured that the security situation of the country will improve gradually.

While asking Nigerians to pray for new strategies, he said God told him that a political wave is coming in Nigeria which will enforce transformation.

He said; “God said it is not yet time for restructuring and disintegration of Nigeria inspite of raging and agitations. Nigeria will remain one for now. The unity of Nigeria is paramount in God’s agenda for now. Any group or region that is agitating to separate from Nigeria is fighting a lost battle.

“God’s judgment is coming before the end of this year, which will make people fearful. It will be against some powerful people in our nation. It will be a divine judgment. Those recruiting people for rebellion will fail woefully.

“The Lord told me that the fear of Christians in Nigeria is uncalled for if certain persons emerge. God said, He has His ways in the whirlwind.

“Christians will have more impact and space. There is no cause for fear, church leaders must repent as they are part of those encouraging and giving backups to bad leadership.

“There is no cause for the fear of spreading the gospel. Christianity will even thrive more. I see that the gospel will thrive more irrespective of the people that will govern the nation so there is no need to fear. Inspite of everything, God will fuel evangelism in Nigeria and Africa.

“Nigerian Christian Leaders need to seek God’s face and repent because they and Southwest leaders led the country into this political mess it has found itself. Just as Nehemiah (Nehemiah 1:4-8), and Daniel (Daniel 9:3-5) prayed for repentance for the sins of their forefathers, Nigerian Christians must pray for repentance so that God can redeem our land.”

Iyunade stated that Ogun State workers should exercise patience as the good wave in the country shall affect them positively, saying that the Governor will have no choice than to dance to the tune of good governance while Civil Servants will be treated better.

The theme of the 27th Anniversary and 21st Annual Convention of the Ministry, he said is “Divine Fruitfulness and Multiplication,” which he said emphasises God’s purpose and promise for those who believe in Him, according to Gen. 1:28.

While saying that God is the creator of all things and that He holds the manual for the existence of all things, he said that His standard is for fruitfulness and multiplication.

“He created man to multiply. All living things including trees, animals and indeed, all creatures created by God are to multiply. When God created man, he blessed man and ordered,” he said.

He revealed that the events would start on March 19 and end on March 26, 2023.

According to him, the programmes would begin with a rally on Sunday, March 19 at 3.00pm, while Monday March 20 to Thursday March 23, 2023 would be for Revival Hour, all at PSBM Headquarters, 9, Araromi Lane, Odo-Egbo, Ijebu-Ode at 5:00pm daily.

Ministers’/Workers’ Conference are scheduled for Tuesday March 21 to Thursday March 23, 2023 at the same venue at 9:00am daily.

Praise Night is scheduled for Friday March 24, 2023 at Zion City, PSBM Campground, along Erunwon-Atan Road by 10:00pm.

Communion Service will hold on Saturday March 25, 2023 at PSBM Hqrs, 9, Araromi Lane, Odo-Egbo, Ijebu-Ode by 4:00pm, while Thanksgiving Service is slated for Sunday March 26, 2023 at Zion City, PSBM Campground, along Erunwon-Atan Road by 9:00am.

Members of the public were urged to join the programmes virtually by logging on to the psbm media live on YouTube and Prophet Sunday Dare Iyunade on facebook.

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