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Malami says Adoke’s demand for apology over P&ID is ‘misconceived’



Abubakar Malami, attorney-general of the federation (AGF), says the demand for apology by his predecessor, Mohammed Bello Adoke, over the P&ID case is misconceived. 

Adoke had written to Malami demanding apology for allegedly giving  false evidence against him at the court in the P&ID case.

The Nigerian government is trying to get a $9.6 billion arbitration award upturned by proving corruption and conspiracy on the part of P&ID and past Nigerian government officials.

In a statement on Thursday, Malami said investigation is ongoing on Adoke’s alleged involvement in the OPL 245 Malabu scandal and the P&ID deal.

“In the letter, Mr Adoke has demanded an apology and appropriate monetary compensation – which the Attorney General’s office considers is entirely misconceived,” he said.

“Mr Adoke is, of course, the subject of criminal proceedings in relation to the OPL 245 debacle. Investigations continue into Mr Adoke’s involvement in the OPL 245 deal, and also in relation to the disastrous and fraudulent gas supply agreement made with the BVI shell company P&ID.

“Mr Adoke seeks to wash his hands off any involvement in settlement negotiations with P&ID, falsely stating that all settlement negotiations with P&ID took place after he had left office as the-then Attorney General of the Federation. This is simply untrue, as settlement negotiations took place in 2012, 2014, and during Spring 2015 when Mr Adoke was the-then Attorney General of the Federation.

“It is noteworthy that Mr Adoke is being represented by Paul Erokoro SAN. Mr Erokoro SAN has in fact recently provided a sworn witness statement concerning certain factual matters on behalf of P&ID in the proceedings in London (in which he made no mention of the matters which he has raised in his letter). Mr Erokoro is also the lawyer representing Mr James Nolan of P&ID in the criminal proceedings on foot against Mr Nolan in the FRN. It remains to be seen how Mr Erokore SAN could be seen as impartial and not conflicted, given his various roles closely connecting him with P&ID.

“The FRN is relying on ongoing investigations across multiple jurisdictions to build its case against P&ID. Investigations into the GSPA are ongoing, and we are firmly committed to overturning the injustice of the multi-billion dollar award.”