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Lagos Property Magnate, TV Mogul In Messy Sex Scandal In Dubai



The Lagos society is agog with a earth-shaking scandal. It is the most discussed issue amongst the elitist clique and it has generated into a hot debate among these prominent personalities as well. The scandal involves a multi-billionaire property merchant and construction magnate and a self-proclaimed female media mogul and human resources consultant. 

This ebony looking corporate amazon is in her 50’s and has been divorced for over 10 years . Over the years, she has been linked with several powerful men in the business and government circles. Featuring, prominently on her list of conquests are two former governors of the Centre of Excellence, another former governor of a Sunshine state, another governor of a riverside state, two bank MDs, a billionaire oil magnate, among several others. Even her new inlaw was tagged among some of the men who finance her super wealthy lifestyle. This publicity loving lady is on the verge of becoming a grandmother; and she still considers herself a hot number. 

The property magnate, who lives like a king in a castle in Lagos, has quite a reputation for being very stingy. He flaunts exotic cars and shows off his state-of-the-art mansion, but he abhors helping other people. He enjoys the company of women, but he detests spending money on them. 

 Now, this heavily-built billionaire was alleged to have initiated the move towards wooing the media mogul. They got talking and struck a deal to go away for a weekend tryst outside the country. Their destination? Dubai! So, the media mogul flew first class to Dubai and checked into a 5-star hotel. Her expectation was high, as she must have seen herself counting hundred of dollar notes by the time the moment of tryst ended. Also, she was reported to have planned on going on a jewelry-shopping binge before departing Dubai. 

Before long, Madame was later joined by her would-be lover. They did all the ding-dong and had a most romantic moment. Feeling satiated, the construction magnate was said to have excused himself to attend a business meeting, away from the hotel. Few minutes after he left, he, reportedly called his lover and informed her he had to leave for Nigeria with his friend in a private jet, so as to seal the business deal. He apologised to the media mogul and informed her to take a white envelope he dropped by the bed stand. By the time the TV lady rummage through the envelope and counted the dollar notes, tears of regret cascaded down her face. The money barely covered the hotel bill for one night. It was then the reality and consequences of her action hit her. She had been used and had fallen victim to a one chance lover. 

But if she thought she could prevent the Dubai tragedy from flittering into Nigeria, she thought wrong. Had she done her research well, she would have discovered that her billionaire lover has a mouth that runs faster than a racing car. The property magnate was alleged to have regaled his friends with the unsavoury tale of the tryst in Dubai. And before long, it became the epicentre of discussion among the movers and shakers in Lagos. 

What most of the women can’t understand is how this self-professed global personality could be so dump to have been played, used and dumped by this billionaire. 

This scandal has since fouled the entire Lagos atmosphere and the tv mogul has become a laughing stock among other women and men alike. 

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