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Lady Dies On Her Wedding Night



A young lady has reportedly died while having sexual pleasures together with her husband on the night of their wedding.

It was reported that the 18-year-old lady started to feel unwell during the night while having romps of sex in their matrimonial home in the city of Ibirite in Brazil.

It was learnt that the couple had gotten married on Thursday morning at the husband’s farm. However, the unforeseen happened while they were both having fun in the night. The lady after showing strange signs reportedly collapse and the husband dashed out to call his neighbour for help.

According to reports, the first taxi ordered to take the lady to the hospital refused to help out. A second taxi was called, but the driver also refused to help and said the husband needed to call the emergency services instead.

It was gathered that when the paramedics finally arrived, they found the woman struggling to breathe and confirmed she had suffered a heart attack. She sadly died on the way to the hospital.

While the distraught husband alleged that it took an hour for the ambulance to arrive at their home, the emergency services said the first ambulance was cancelled and then the second arrived within 21 minutes.

However, tests carried out revealed the bride’s death accidental as her body showed no signs of foul play or violence. A neighbour reportedly told the police she didn’t hear any screams or noises before the woman died.

A post-mortem examination found the woman had a history of bronchitis. The distraught man who spoke to newsmen said he wasn’t sure if he could continue living in the same Brazilian city following his wife’s death.

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