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Kogi East Senate Race: Dr. Victor Adoji Was Never a Mistaken Identity



I am grateful to God for been part of these revolution. At least, for some of us inferring morality, uncommon integrity and people-rooted candidature to change the political narrative, Dr Victor Alewo Adoji is simply an answered prayer. Going by events currently unfolding, he is indeed an identity of socioeconomic restoration.

Unlike other political aspirants selling their properties and enriching party delegates with the proceeds, Dr Victor Alewo Adoji has continuously affirmed action with words. To him, the right credo is social emancipation of the less privileged, a thriving economic society and a politically balanced people. As a matter of fact, he holds with high esteems the doctrine of equity in pursuits of service to humanity.
Recently, Dr Victor Adoji sponsored a remarkable number of Christians from Igalaland on a holy pilgrimage. A feet of credit exclusive to him yearly.
About a week ago, #Emergewomen forum advocating active involvement of women in politics invited Victor as her guest for this year’s annual summit. As usual, he neither honored the invitation alone nor in company of cronies, but, no fewer than ten women from Igala/Bassa land were sponsored to the event – A tremendous acts which portrays America as the world’s most economically developed nation. Contrary to the fond odds of our leaders who attend such summit in entourage of associates, American leaders will attend strictly in company of entrepreneurs/investors who will in turn impacts greatly in it’s economic growth.
Similarly, Dr Victor Alewo Adoji has just exhibited this great ideas. He knows women are the direct beneficiaries of the summit. Besides, involving women in such training would in no doubt peg their political inclusion in Kogi state which is ideally the alternative since men have presumably failed.
Currently, over 600 indigenous youths are set to be empowered, as DVAA partners with Radiance Touch Empowerment Initiative and Edushine Educational Support Foundation to deliver a 3-days skill acquisition. A program that will create enabling environment for youths as enterprising citizens. But the amazing fact here is, Victor being the sponsor has also portrayed a non discriminatory attitudes towards this outstanding projects. To him, there must be a Kogi East at the end political struggles. Hence, he personally instructed that major towns like Idah, Ankpa, Anyigba and even Igah Ugbamaka (ancestry of the current senator) be accorded a hundred candidates. He never mention Okula-Aloma (His home town) or choose there as the training venue. All he has longed for is lucrative youths in a better Kogi state.
Whether or not, Victor becomes Kogi East senator, it has been registered in the public domain that by the 3rd of November 2018, he would have successfully empowered 600 youths across the state. A feet no aspirant has achieve in our political history. Posterity will also not let, if i don’t bring to the fore, the stress-free lunch/airtime fares been shared among youths across the senatorial districts weekly. These are just a tip of ice among his numerous achievements in human entity.
Dr Victor’s persistent gestures is more of humanitarian than philanthropic. As a staunch believer of fairness and equity, DVAA has projected his mandate towards achieving a reliable and independent society for all. His social contract manifestos would reposition Kogi East and by extension, the state on a right developmental pattern.
Some calls him a star in the darkened skies. Others said he is a principal of good governance. To some, DVAA’s political mandate is a panjandrum over incompetence. Others referred to his mandate as a key of liberation from legislative incompetence. Some said, he is the Moses of Kogi East, and others are simply quoted as saying DVAA is Kogi East’s messiah.
Whatever name you may choose to call him, DVAA is an embodiment of knowledge and wisdom. His moral principle recognizes equality as a common characteristics among human genders/status. His web of connections would redefine kogi eastern political integrity. His academic exposure would be beneficial to global economic reform. But the contention is obvious; Our willingness to tap from this rare gem is outweighed by greed and self conceits.
Those who sees the task of liberating Kogi East as non negotiable have identified with his senatorial ambition. But the Judas Iscariot who are naturally synonymous with slavery and are not bothered by the painstaking dehumanization have chosen to be pecked by crumbs.
However, the good news is, even the gods of the land is aware of this sacred mission. This is further proven by peculiar blessings and endorsement spree from royal fathers and statesmen across the senatorial district. For the first time, former governors have United for a common purpose. Moreover, outsiders see Dr Victor as uncommon virtue and privileges for Kogites. They have expressed that continually regardless of whose ox is gored.
Indeed, the name; Dr Victor Alewo Adoji was never a mistaken identity. It resonated to salvage the poor and vulnerable. With him, a third force that would sweep off accustomed political quagmires staged by APC and PDP for years is wagging stronger. With Dr Victor’s emerging political class, Kogi east will be producing a global political Amazon. At least, the way has compelled the right will. Congratulations to African Democratic Congress on which platform Kogi Easterners would decide their destiny.
God bless Kogi East.
– John Paul
Operation Win Back Kogi State.
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