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Judge orders 50 Cent to explain Instagram pictures of him with stacks of money after the rapper filed for bankruptcy



A bankruptcy judge wants to know where the cash 50 Cent keeps posting on his Instagram account is coming from.

The judge order 50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson III, to explain several pictures that show the him playing with huge sums of cash.

Judge Ann Nevins told the 40-year-old rapper’s lawyer that his Instagram photos are raising doubts about his actual need for bankruptcy

50 Cent (pictured) has filed for bankruptcy but has posted Instagram photos with stacks of cash like this one spelling out the word ‘BROKE’

‘I’m concerned about allegations of nondisclosure and a lack of transparency in the case,’ Judge Nevins said on Thursday at a hearing in Hartford, Connecticut.

‘There’s a purpose of having a bankruptcy process be transparent, and part of that purpose is to inspire confidence in the process.’

She added that bankruptcy is a place where ‘honest, but unfortunate’ people can get a fresh start, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Three pictures are causing the judge major concerns.

The first shows 50 Cent with stacks of cash in his fridge around a bottle of Effen vodka.

A bankruptcy judge told 50 Cent that these images are raising doubts about his actual financial status

‘Gotta keep a cool little $tash and some Effen Vodka Happy Holidays,’ 50 Cent wrote on the Instagram photo.

The next image shows the rapper with the word ‘BROKE’ spelled out in numerous stacks of cash while 50 Cent holds a few more in his hands.

‘Man this lunch money,I gotta go to work I’m still up, no Sleep at all. NEW MUSIC this week,Off The KANAN tape,’ he wrote on that picture.

The final picture shows Mr Jackson on a bed, eating a Popsicle and watching television. Strewn around him are piles of money.

‘Ok I found my legs, but I can’t find nothing to watch on TV. Power season 3 on the way,’ he wrote.

The Wall Street Journal wrote, ‘The photos were flagged by Lastonia Leviston, who won $7 million in a sex-tape dispute but hasn’t been able to collect that money since Mr. Jackson filed for bankruptcy last summer.

‘Two other groups—Mr. Jackson’s mortgage lender and a partner in a failed headphone deal owed roughly $18 million—joined her in a fight to have an outside financial professional manage his money until he pay off the $30 million he owes creditors.’

Mr. Jackson’s lawyer wasn’t immediately available to respond to Judge Nevins’s order.

The date of the hearing Mr. Jackson is required to attend hasn’t yet been set.

The images were flagged by Lastonia Leviston, who won $7 million in a sex-tape dispute but hasn’t been able to collect that money because 50 Cent says he is broke

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