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Jonathan Dos Santos denies he is gay after reports Villarreal star was in relationship with team-mate Matteo Musacchio



Villarreal midfielder Jonathan Dos Santos has denied he is gay following reports from his native Mexico that he has been having a relationship with team-mate Matteo Musacchio.

Mexican magazine TVNostas claimed the 25-year-old had been seeing Argentine defender Musacchio for the last seven months in a relationship that was supported by his brother and former Tottenham playmaker Giovani.

However, the younger sibling Jonathan took to Twitter to clarify the story was not true, saying: ‘To the media: If I was gay, I would have no problem in saying so. Invent something else. Don’t promote discrimination or sensationalism.’

Dos Santos took to Twitter to deny the claims – saying he would not have a problem if he were gay

The message was quickly retweeted over three thousand times as followers showed their support for the Mexico international.

Argentinian Musacchi has played for Villarreal since 2009, but has has missed most of this season because of a broken leg before recently returning to action.

Former Leeds player Robbie Rogers, who is on the verge of an unexpected national call-up after previously retiring from the game at 26 years old, remains the only current player to have come out as gay.

LA Galaxy star Rodgers spoke to MirrorSport in July to say that he was not sure that football was ready to accept homosexuality.

LA Galaxy and former Leeds player Robbie Rogers is the only current player to come out of the closet

‘I have felt that for the past few years now,’ he said.

‘Obviously there are ‘not out’ footballers around the world and that reminds me of the atmosphere in the locker room, especially what it was like for me before I came out.

‘That being said, the next two World Cups are in places that are extremely homophobic and there aren’t really any out footballers around Europe or South America so it hasn’t really changed that much.’