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It Is President Buhari’s Responsibility To Obey The Supreme Court And End This Insanity Immediately ! – Jesutega Onokpasa



The Supreme Court has spoken and ordered a restoration of affairs to the status quo ante regarding the unfolding currency insanity.

According to the law, the court does not need to make a fresh order or even renew the old one.

The earlier injunction subsists as long as the motion has not been heard.

May God bless the Supreme Court for standing up to be counted on the side of the common man who has borne the brunt of the current crisis being orchestrated by the government against its own citizens.

Shame on our Learned Senior, Kanu Agabi, SAN, talking crap to the court instead of going to instruct the vandals he has for clients to obey the court immediately.

Some people just don’t have shame.

This is the same man who lost Bakassi to the Cameroonians.

And, all he could say to Justice John Okoro was that Nigerians are blaming the Federal Government for their poverty!

Who are they supposed to blame: the Supreme Court?


Just go and obey the court and give Nigerians their money for God’s sake!

Fortunately, only a small portion of the old notes have actually reached the CBN; most are still in the vaults of the various branches of commercial banks across the country that received them initially so it’s not even a question of redistributing them to the various bank branches.

That’s how totally messed up this utter crap Godwin Emiefele and his co conspirators have been orchestrating, really is.

Just a clear appropriate directive from President Muhammadu Buhari to Emiefele, and then from that accursed psycho to the banks would restore things to status quo ante as ordered by the court.

Let’s not deceive ourselves anymore, unless President Muhammadu Buhari intervenes immediately on the side of the rule of law as it stands, vide what transpired today, Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at the Supreme Court, which effectively extends its earlier injunction to the 22, then he clearly wants Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress, APC, the party that brought him to power, to lose the election.

If that is the case, he will regret it because the Asiwaju I know has already won this.

It is interesting that it is today that President Buhari knows he wants to suppress vote buying!

Was he at every polling unit during his own elections?

Does he know whether votes were bought for him in 2015 and 2019?

Or because he was the beneficiary, it wasn’t a problem then?

It is when it is now Tinubu’s turn that they want to burn down our country in the name of suppressing vote buying.


Bola Tinubu has never bought votes and is not interested in such.

His logic of electoral success is to impress the electorate vide the provision of the dividends of democracy and for them to reciprocate with their votes on election day.

That has been his enduring paradigm in progressive politics.

It has worked thus far and made him the most successful politician in Nigerian history.

There is absolutely no need for him to change his formula now.

In any case, anyone planning to buy votes has already changed their money.

That is part of the reason the new notes are nowhere to be found.

That should be crystal clear to even a dullard by now!

They were handed the new notes by Emiefele’s own underlings at the Central Bank and by bank managers across this country for a hefty commission!

Once again, our President has allowed himself to be duped, as usual.

It is, indeed, truly sad.

It is the obligation of Mr. President to obey the court or he would be breaking the law and machinating anarchy.

We cannot have a situation wherein our country is burning and we apparently have an Emperor Nero fiddling away in Aso Rock!

This is just too shameful, Mr. President; please obey the law and do so immediately for the suffering masses of this country!

All those hoping to stop Bola Tinubu by tormenting the Nigerian people do not know who Bola Tinubu is.

He is becoming more and more popular in the wake of all their diabolical machinations.

The people now see him as fully on their side and as much a victim as they are.

Frustration never catches up with Bola Tinubu.

Struggle is Bola Tinubu’s oxygen.

That is how he got the nomination of the APC; the man thrives best under attack, under gang-up, and under tribulation.

It is Emiefele and the backstabbers behind him that will regret it as they did at Eagle Square during our presidential primary.

All those trying to stop Bola Tinubu will still find themselves addressing him as “Mr. President” come May 29 this year!

*Onokpasa, a lawyer and member, All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Council, writes from Abuja.

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