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Impeached Kogi speaker was a Vulcanizer



In what looks like a classic movie, 17 out of 21 House of Assembly members, today kicked out the Kogi State House of Assembly speaker Alhaji Momoh Jimoh Lawal from his coveted seat as speaker of the state House of Assembly just days after the now controversial election.

The impeached legislator according to his aggrieved colleagues lacks the competence to continue to lead the house. A source told us Exclusively that the Ex-Speaker was a vulcanizer in Kaduna before he was rail roded into politics and made speaker in the state that once had a carpentar as governor, “We cannot continue like this the Speaker was manifestly incompetent, he had to be aided to read and write, how can somebody who was a roadside vulcanizer in Kaduna and because of the politics of the state, was brought foward to be voted for and eventually made speaker,he can’t address the public without a prepared write up, a good example was when Governor Wada was honoured in Lagos some months ago where the speaker was called upon to address the audience, what he spilled out was a big embarrasement, not just to the audience but to every indigene around. He is a classic example of a “dadandidi” that would do anything to perpetrate himself, and was always a toy in the hand of the governor who will always over-ride him and all he would say was “Ranka-de-de sir”, you can see the level our dear state has depreciated, we have brilliant and intelligent guys ready to do the job in the state”.

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