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Fellow Nigerians, please find it worthy to rally and come to the aid of your brother, son, a father and husband who has been diagnosed for kidney failure by the general hospital, Gbagada-lagos and has been on dialysis since June 2018 costing a fortune on routine basis.

The after effect of the diagnosis as resulted to a decision for a kidney transplant with its cost estimated at ten million Naira (N10,000,000) and must be done as quickly as possible in order to save the life of TAIWO OLUTOTIMI ADEOLA  popularly called Rote’

Please consider this as an opportunity to make an entire family happy again, put a warming look in the face of a distress mother and wife and to keep alive a living being like yourself whilst together making our country a loving society.

Your lean contribution at this time can not be underestimated neither will your fat donation be under appreciated bearing in mind that a drop of water makes the ocean, as a result, Rotimi is appealing to every meaningful profit and non-profit making organisations both social and religious including every individual to ponder and act in the direction of helping him to be healthy again.

Please reach out to him via Account No:0029769080, TAIWO OLUTOTIMI ADEOLA, Guaranty Trust Bank.

By: Olumide Benson