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Where is Grace Mugabe NOW?



Ousted dictator Robert Mugabe resigned yesterday (November 21) just as impeachment proceedings began against him in Parliament.

Mugabe has been pictured negotiating with the generals and even attended a graduation ceremony in Harare last week despite his fall from power.

But Grace has not been seen since the military takeover a week ago. There are reports circulating that she has been arrested.

The latest rumours coming out of Zimbabwe suggest Mugabe may have traveled to Zambia with its former president Kenneth Kaunda, though these are unconfirmed and it is not clear whether Grace is with them.

The generals behind the military coup wanted to stop Grace from succeeding her 93-year-old husband when he dies.

Since the coup, Mugabe’s wife has been moved between detention facilities at military bases across Zimbabwe, a source told the Daily Mail.

“She was taken away both to prevent them colluding and conspiring, and to isolate her husband further,” one military official said.

“It’s best she is taken out of the picture and forgotten about for now – we will decide what to do with her later.”

But other sources told the Guardian she was in her husband’s Harare residence when he was detained last week and had not moved since.

Last week there were rumours that Grace had fled to Namibia. But the reports were later denied and she is thought to be in Zimbabwe.

Grace’s path to power was cleared when her rival, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, was fired two weeks ago.

But her short-lived triumph over Mnangagwa proved to be her ultimate downfall.

The military rose up against Mugabe in support of Mnangagwa and he has now replaced Mugabe as the leader of Zanu-PF.Mugabe’s wife is nicknamed ‘Gucci Grace’ and is known for her lavish spending on luxury items, making her deeply unpopular with many ordinary Zimbabweans.

Grace was the president’s secretary and mistress until his wife died in 1996. Since 2014, Grace has gained political power.

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