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God Will Determine My Next Political Move -Ipoola Omisore



His experience as a second-term lawmaker and an elder in the Lagos State House of Assembly stands him out amongst others.

Hon. Ipoopla Omisore from Ifako/Ijaiye Constituency 2 is also the Chairman, House Services Committee and he is always down to earth on issues, especially on the floor of the House, where holds sway as a shining light. In this interview he granted us last week, Omisore speaks on national issues and talks on his next political move.

How do you see the defection of some PDP Governors to APC?

It is a welcome development because it is strengthening the opposition, you need an insider of a party to bring the party down, it is like a castle made of robbers, you need an insider to penetrate the castle.

Do you see the leadership of the National Assembly changing with this?

In APC, we are not looking at the immediate gain, we are certainly looking at 2015, those at the National Assembly will create a rumpus for the PDP, we need a calculated move, we will do it with wisdom. Changing the leadership of the National Assembly now may not be good for democracy, those who want to join us can come rather than changing leadership, of course that is not the dream of our leaders, the dream is for us to strengthen the opposition so that we can take over. But we believe that more people are still coming, we still have some governors in there, who still want to join the APC, and they know that if they continue with the PDP, they are doomed. Now there is an alternative for them, you can be sure those who are managing with the PDP will definitely leave; our plan is not to cause instability at the National Assembly.

Do you see someone like Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu vying for a political office

You can be sure that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not doing it for personal gains, the equation would work itself out. He is not doing all these to contest, you can be sure. He is not selfish, remember that Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju from Lagos West was given a seat to calm nerves, he is somebody that wants to do his best. I don’t believe that he wants to contest; he is already a national leader greater than the office of the vice president. What we need now is change, what we are saying is that there would be no democracy if the system does not change. A situation, where the ruling party can sacrifice its own candidate in an election and say it is free and fair just because the Governor of the state is supporting anything the president says means that we have a desperado sort of government, so if there is no change, there would be problem.

Are you coming back to the Assembly in 2015 or you are going to the House of Reps?

I leave my people to judge, I am a top notch of the House, I am one of the light; the more mature the wine, the better for the consumers. I am a better person than I came in, if my people want me back here or up there, it is well, but I give myself to serve. I leave God to tell me where to go next, certainly I am not God, with my experience at a very high pedestal, if I come back, it is for the betterment of my people and if I go to higher places, so be it.

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