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Ganduje’s daughter ‘fights’ father’s critics on Twitter



Fatimah Ganduje-Ajimobi, daughter of Abdullahi Ganduje, governor of Kano state, has taken to Twitter to reply those she accused of slandering her family.

Ganduje-Ajimobi accused some supporters of Rabiu Kwankwaso, former governor of Kano, of “painting the picture that no one in Kano loves Ganduje”.

Commenting on the gubernatorial election in the state, Ganduje-Ajimobi said her father won at the polls because he commands a huge following at the grassroots.

The results of a combination of March 9 and 23 elections showed Ganduje, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate garnered 1,033,695, while Abba Yusuf of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) polled 1,024,71 votes.

The governorship election was earlier declared inconclusive following the high number of cancellation of votes as a result of violence and over-voting.

The governor’s daughter said she ignored the criticisms that trailed her marriage to Idris Ajimobi, son of Abiola Ajimobi, Oyo governor, because “my honeymoon was too sweet so no time for commentary”.

According to her, her family parted ways with Kwankwaso when he allegedly insulted them.

“I am on my lunch break so have a bit of extra time, where are you guys? Some of the red guys here are at govt house collecting rice,” she said.

“I will respond to you as a single group so pls designate a representative. You guys are like zombies and I don’t have the time for you all. So pls get in line as I address your grievances.

“You see the issue is that when the results were inconclusive, you guys were so quick to insult us, we didn’t respond, even the ones playing both sides showed themselves, yanzu kuma murna ta koma ciki we can gloat too.

“You cannot insult someone’s mother and think you will not get a response, I have enough Data and when it finishes my Idris will add.

“You think it’s on Twitter you win election, our votes came from the villages because we are villagers. Dan kauye shine Gwamna.

“The main reason you lost is because Atiku refused to give you money this time around so unloyal that you cheated him during the presidential elections. Atiku bawan Allah I respect that man!

“During the PDP presidential campaign in Kano, you hired people from Niger and Chad to deceive Atiku all to collect his money. Toh wallahi better return his money. Atiku trusted you but you were too selfish. Now see yourselves.

“I ignored you during my wedding because my honeymoon was too sweet so no time for commentary.

“Painting the picture that no one in Kano loves Ganduje, Takai of the PRP who had almost a hundred thousand votes told all his supporters to vote for us not you. We played our part right and you’re angry.

“Yes we were with Kwankwaso until when he disrespected our late grandmother. Came for her burial in Ganduje and insulted us, that was when the line was drawn.”

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