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Facts Are Sacred: Rahama Indimi’s Bare Face Lies



Rahama Indimi, the sister-in- law of Zahra Indimi, nee Buhari, recently called us out as publishing a fake story on this site.

We want her to know that we are not in the business of running people down but watching the society for the people.

Rahama, who happens to be a daughter of a former billionaire oil magnate, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi ought to know that journalism has gotten to another level and that some of us in this business are conscious of whatever report we put in public domain.

Whenever we come across any information, we take time to investigate its authenticity and once we are convinced that it is the truth, then we go ahead to publish what we have so that members of the public would be adequately informed.

As a media house, we are guided by the ethics of the journalism profession, which compels us to report the truth at all times.

All our reports are based on facts and truth as demanded by our profession and we will not derail from this as we have really come far in the journey of informing members of the public about what is going on in the society.

We will be doing more harm than good to the people if we fail to inform them appropriately about what is going on around them, especially when it has to do with celebrities of which Rahama Indimi, ex wife of Mohammed Babangida is one.

We reiterate that we have not maligned anybody in our reports.

Over the years, objectivity and fairness have been our watchword and we have never reneged on this no matter the cost.

Our reports on Rahama on the issue of collaborating and selling sex enhancing herbs were based on truth and it was not done in any way to rubbish her image or denigrate her in any form.

As a matter of fact, we have no personal score against her and we are not being sponsored by anyone to destroy her image.

First Weekly Magazine remains unbiased, when it comes to reporting events or writing stories and we want Rahama to know that her own is not an exception and we will not be intimidated in any way by whoever feels offended by our stories.

Below is a screenshot and video of the post Rahama took down and claimed never existed;


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