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Exclusive! New Twist And Turn In Oko Oloyun’s Murder Case…Bullet Riddled Mercedes Benz Disappears



There seems to be a controversy over the disappearance of the Mercedes Benz 2017 model, which the assassinated herbal practitioner, Fatai Yusuf, aka, Oko Oloyun was travelling in, when he met his unfortunate death.

Sources said that the car, said to have disappeared from the custody of the police, might have been released to the family at the request of the wife of the deceased trado-medical practitioner a couple of weeks back.

While some close associates of the deceased believed that the police shouldn’t have been in hurry to release the car as it might jeopardize the investigation, some believed that the police should be allowed to do their job as they might have reasons for releasing the car despite the link to the death and the trend of the investigation.

Our investigation also revealed that all the major suspects have been released and told to report whenever they are needed.

This was said to have been a surprise to concern friends and members of the family of the deceased, who felt that his death ought to be properly investigated due to the circumstances surrounding the killing of the successful businessman.

They pointed out that the matter should have been treated like all other murder cases, where suspects are not released until the matter has reached a logical conclusion.

According to them, the case of Oko Oloyun was even more serious as there are many clues that ought to have been followed by law enforcement agents, which they said could have led to the real cause of the death of the sensational trado-medical practitioner.

Report from the Police had stated that Alhaji Fatai Yusuf was possibly killed because of a fraud he detected in his Lagos office.

Alhaji Yusuf was gunned down on Thursday January, 23, 2020, when his convoy was attacked on the Igbo-Ora-Eruwa road by gunmen.

The attackers reportedly shot at his convoy from thick forest, resulting to his death from injuries sustained from the bullet.

A statement by the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, SP Olugbenga Fadeyi, informed that the fraud was possibly responsible for the fire incident in the office during which some account records were destroyed.

The statement read: “The report of Yusuf’s death was received by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Igbo-Ora that the two-car convoy of the deceased was allegedly ambushed shortly after passing through five different police stop and search teams along Igbo-Ora road by yet-to-be-identified assailants who fired at the moving vehicles on the road from the thick forest.

“The two-man armed escorts of policemen protecting the deceased engaged the assailants, but they managed to escape back into the forest after a single shot had hit the deceased, who died later of his bullet injuries.

“An interesting twist to the story was that the deceased had earlier detected an alleged bookkeeping records fraud in his Lagos office, which subsequently allegedly led to the burning of some financial/book-keeping records.

“In addition to other possible motives, a plausible nexus is, therefore, being suspected between the fire incident and the attack on the deceased.

“Some of his staff and two police escorts are being questioned by a team of crack detectives from the homicide section of State Criminal Investigation Department, Iyaganku, Ibadan, with a view of finding and apprehending the fleeing suspects, who committed the heinous act.”

Men of the police force were said to have also worked on a discovery made about one Abbey, a lady that is said to be next in line to Oko Oloyun.

Reports had it that N35 Million was found in the bank account of the alleged jobless husband of the woman to the surprise of the law enforcement agents.

There was an allegation that it was the document in the woman’s office that got burnt hours before Oko Oloyun was assassinated.

Sources revealed that the late Oko Oloyun had ordered investigations into some alleged fraudulent activities in his office before the fire incident and his assassination.

What surprised watchers of events was that the two unfortunate incidents happened in quick succession, thus leading to suspicions that the incidents were results of the investigations he ordered into the massive fraud in the company.

Abbey reportedly got into the company as an ordinary site worker, but Oko Oloyun was said to have converted her role to office job.

The woman and other suspects were reportedly held at Iyaganku Police Station, Ibadan, Oyo State.

She works at the head office in Lagos and in-charge of the distribution of Oko Oloyun range of herbal products.

The demand of the family members of the late Oko Oloyun and members of the public was that the police should investigate Abbey and her husband and do everything within their means to ensure that the late herbal medicine practitioner did not die in vain.

Watchers of events are also wondering where the new twist in the case would eventually lead to as they insisted that “the matter should be properly investigated to prevent a reoccurrence and ensure that justice is done for the deceased.”

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