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Exclusive: How Popular London-Based Nigerian, Dapo Williams Died, And Body Found 6 Days After



The death of successful London-based Nigerian, Otunba Dapo Williams is still a mystery to several Nigerians in the city and his admirers in Nigeria.

Sources close to the London socialite, who was an indigene of Lagos State, a qualified Architect, and Chartered Surveyor revealed that he had said he was going to one of his construction sites, granted an interview to Alistair and minutes afterwards had an heart attack.

The site, where the body was found six days after his death is yet to be known as at press time.

We were informed that the incident happened 24 hours after his wife started looking for him.

The Police were reportedly informed of his disappearance and reports indicated that investigation started shortly after the police were informed that he was nowhere to be found.

It was gathered that the police couldn’t break into where he was last seen, and waited for another 48 hours because his car was in his office.

“When the police eventually broke in on Saturday afternoon, he was found dead with his hand clutching his chest. But it was too late and no one could save him at that time,” He left home last Monday and might have died the same day of heart attack or other health related issues after the interview but his body was found six days later said a source.

Dapo Williams was a man of many parts, who was involved in many projects in his lifetime.

In an interview Dapo Williams granted London-based Ben Television shortly before his death, he revealed that he got to the United Kingdom in 1987.

He stated that he worked with Chevron Oil Producing and later worked as an architect in project sites in the United Kingdom.

Dapo had studied Mechanical Engineering In Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, Nigeria, but had to go for training in architecture when he got to the United Kingdom.

“I attended the University of Reddington in the United Kingdom to study Estate Management. I used to work for the King of Saudi Arabia and managed their properties in the United Kingdom.

“I later met with the Queen of England in 1999. After this, I became the owner of a petrol station in Kent, Cambridge, England. I used to work in the upstream sector in my days in Chevron, but selling petroleum is downstream,” he said.

Dapo Williams used the opportunity of the interview to advise the younger ones to learn trades even if they had money, while urging them to keep their vision and be flexible with their plans.

“You must note the 4Ps, which are Price, Place, Product, and People. Keep your 4Ps. Keep your overhead at minimum level, keep your vision in sight and learn from others,” he said.

Dapo was a Nigerian from Lagos State. He was a qualified Architect, Chartered Surveyor and Commercially focused Real Estate FM strategist with over 35 years’ experience in the Real Estate procurement, Property FM and Building Construction industry.

Dapo was also a Petroleum Products Downstream Retailer in the Oil & Gas Sector.

He was a high achiever who has demonstrated his capabilities throughout his career. He develops property and facilities management solutions in response to commercial accommodation needs.

He was experienced in building architectural design, building construction project management, procurement and disposal of properties, building selection, lease management, dilapidation negotiations and renewable energy management.

Dapo was experienced in building mechanical services surveying, design and installation (Qualified BS/QS) with a passion for the environment. He specializes in proactive and reactive actions in managing the effects of climate change within the low-carbon economy.

His expertise included working on Oil and Gas (on-shore/off-shore) Subsea Install Base & Dehydration location; Computer-Aided Architectural Drawing for crude oil pipeline operations and maintenance projects.

Dapo was a motivator, an effective communicator and a member of the Association of Engineering Doctorates.
He is a researcher in the built environment arena, who enjoys the rigors of demanding challenges.

He had vast experience in various industry sectors, namely; Oil and Gas, Health Services, Automotive, Construction, Education, Employment, Legal Advice and Guidance Services.

Dapo was a member of the Nigerian Community Leadership Forum, Nigerian Think Tank Group, UK and also a patron to several charities in the UK.

Otunba Dapo Williams was a role model and mentor to black youths in the African/Caribbean community in the UK.

He enjoyed his Formula 1 car racing (Ferrari), Golf and watching his beloved Arsenal FC.

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