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Ex-Super Eagle defender and brothers jailed for fraud since Sep 2018



Efetobore Sodje, former Super Eagles defender, has been jailed for fraud alongside his brothers, Stephen and Bright.

The Sodje brothers were found guilty of siphoning money from their family charity, the Sodje Sports Foundation (SSF).

According to a National Crime Agency investigation, the brothers siphoned over £60,000 given to the foundation.

The Sodjes were said to have been jailed since September 2018.

Efe, face of the charity, was given 18 months jail term, Bright was jailed for 21 months and Stephen got two years and six months as his prison sentence.

Michael Topolski, the judge, said: “All three of these defendants in various ways exploited their own and their families’ reputation, not only for the benefit of the poor children of the Niger valley but also for their own benefit.

“In this case, the defendants were all well known and respected men, particularly in the world of football and sport both here and in Africa.

“One had the honour of playing for his country in the World Cup final.

“I have no doubt to some extent at least it was that form of respect that made it possible or more likely that their fans and admirers would make donations to the charity that had been formed by them in their name.”

The judge said any good works done in the past by the charity would be “forever tainted by their dishonest and disreputable conduct”.

Efe Sodje played in the Football League between 1995 and 2015 and appeared for Nigeria in the 2000 African Cup of Nations and the 2002 World Cup, while Bright Sodje played professional rugby in the 1980s and 1990s.

Efe, Bright and Stephen Sodje set up SSF in 2009 with the aim of helping poor children in the Niger Delta.

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