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Even Girls Embarrass Me Over My Big Ass -Evia Simon



Evia Simon is sexy and beautiful. But if you miss anything about the up and coming star, her massive buttocks is sure never to be missed. Even Evia herself says her “ass” has caused her embarrassments too often than she cares to remember, not only from men but also from women. She speaks on several issues in this interview. Your name sounds sweet, Evia. That is my stage name. My real name is Eveshoyan. I’m from Edo state, from a family of six, but my parents are late. Only four of us are left: two girls and two boys. I’m based in Abuja When did you start acting I started acting in 2007, but officially in 2010. I started when I was in Kogi State. I began with their local movies. Then in 2009 I went to Port Harcourt on a mission. But officially I registered with AGN Abuja in 2010. Who or what inspired you into acting I got my inspiration from watching movies when I was still 13 or 14 years old. Then, I was aspiring to be a musician, but is not easy to sing, so I now swapped. I decided it was better to go into acting because I love acting more. I started by miming people in movies, watching them with interest before I finally got a friend who introduced me to a producer who wanted to shoot a movie in Kogi State. In that movie, they brought in Sam Loco, Rita Edochie and some other people. That was the first movie I did. I was a princess, a spoilt girl from London and that was how it started before I finally came into Nollywood and registered with AGN. Where did you school I did my secondary school at Kogi State, Okene precisely. My primary school was in Kano because I was born in Kano and I did my polytechnic at Kogi, Lokoja Polytecnic. What has been the high point of your career I’m still getting there. I cannot really say I’ve gotten to the high point yet but I think I’m still on the move and I hope I’ll get there soon by God’s grace. I’ve not really had the opportunity to really showcase my talent. You know how the industry is. The industry is not an easy one where you can just come in and grab a role and say ‘yes this is my role and I have become a star.’ There are many artistes, many stars and lots of talents. No matter how beautiful you think you are, there are lots of people who are more beautiful. If you think you’re sexy, there are lots of other artistes who are sexier. The industry is full of the best of the bests that you cannot easily stand out. Only the grace of God can get you there. I give glory to God Almighty who has given me a director who has been so nice to me. At least I’ve been able to play a lead in a movie

which is coming out soon: Men in Bondage and Men in Pain. It’s a comedy movie and I played the lead role in the movie and more are still coming. How many movies have you done so far With the Waka Pass, Waka Come, I think they’re more than 30. I can’t really say because the Waka Pass are even more. Which are the most popular ones Three Generals. Its part two is Stubborn Generals. Regent of Kings is in six parts and there are Prince Apart and Bless the King . Others are Ifunanya, showing onIroko TV now and on cinemas; Dirty Princess, Oga Madam, and many others. You once said that men go crazy over your figure Yeah, it’s true. My ass gives me undue attention and even to me, it can be so embarassing sometimes. At times I don’t just feel happy about it. Of course, there are other girls who are shaply, sexy, and beautiful, but you know, this is me and they are them. I don’t know what they are passing through, but I know that I’m passing through hell daily. Even girls get funny about it sometimes. Girls chase you too Not really chasing me but they’re always after me to see whether my ass is real or padded? I’ve worked into a market before and a girl followed me. You know markets are very choked up so she just followed me and tapped my ass just to know. You know what I did to her? I ran after her, I dragged her and I took her hand and I said ‘feel it very well, it is not padded’. She busted out laughing because that was her aim. She wanted to know if it’s padded. I’ve had many harassments on the streets. People embarrass me a lot because of my big ass. Are you currently in any relationship I’m single. I’m not married. How do you deal with your male admirers As I am, it is difficult to find anyone who really likes or loves me because I feel every man that comes around wants to just come and have a feel (of my buttocks) and then move ahead. It is very difficult. It’s not that there are no good men out there, there are lots of good men but how do you know them when everybody that comes has my ass on his mind. All I hear is ‘’Babe, your ass is massive’’ but you don’t know what’s in their mind. You don’t know what their mindset is towards you. I don’t know who likes me. I don’t know who just wants to play around with me and go. Seriously, it’s not easy but I’m trying my best. Relationships don’t work for me, so I don’t really put my mind in there. Relationship is not my thing. I’ve tried and it’s not working so I don’t want to push it. If it comes, fine. If it doesn’t come, fine. What do you find attractive in a man Oh my God! A black guy. I like it when a guy is black, shining black, tall, huge, very smart and hardworking,God-fearing, caring – guys that give attention to a lady even if the girl is saying rubbish, at least, he listens to her and hear her out. How do you maintain your shape I don’t do much. I eat. My problem now is I’m beginning to eat very late and it’s making my tummy big. Like this morning, I woke up, I did some exercises, I did sit-ups but most times, I don’t do it because I feel very lazy. I’m very flexible when it comes to exercise but I find it difficult because of laziness. Sometimes, I might devote time for like a month and sometimes, I will just stop like that but I don’t eat much. I eat more of carbohydrates. I eat fruits and I’m okay. Can you do a sex scene in a movie No I can’t. I can’t do a sex scene. I can kiss in a movie but I can’t go nude. The highest I can go in a movie is my bra on and maybe a pant bum. I can’t even wear a G-string in a movie. I can’t even wear pant in a movie. I can wear a bra but nudity, I can’t do that. We’ve been hearing of lesbianism in Nollywood. Is it rampant or just rumours Lesbianism is everywhere. When you talk of Nollywood, it’s there too at the top and everywhere. So it’s not a new thing. It is everywhere, not only in Nollywood. What’s your major philosophy of Life Life is lovely if you know how to live your life. Put God first in whatever you do. I believe without God nothing good can be achieved. If it is money you think you can use, use it very well but God is ahead of everything in life because this life is just a small place. We see it as very big but it’s a small place and it’s a market and we will all leave one day to return home to God. So, pray to God. Let God lead. Do what you can do. If you’re nice, be nice. If you’re good, be good. My mom would always tell me: ‘Do your best and live the rest for God”. Don’t be too desperate in life. Everything you want would definitely come. But if you’re too desperate about life, you would end up falling into wrong hands. So the best thing is to keep calm. That’s just what I see. What more should your fans expect from you First of all, let me say thank you to my fans. I love you all. Without you there is no me. I know I’ve not gotten to where they’re expecting me to be. But I am getting there. Just watch, keep calm, pray for me and believe I will give you the best. I receive your messages on Facebook, on Twitter, everywhere. I’m thanking them officially. I love you all. Expect beautiful things from me and I promise to make you people proud. Last Words What I would say is please, whatever I do in a movie is not my lifestyle. It’s a job and after the movie, I don’t think I would do that same thing I did in a movie. So don’t judge me by my dressing. Don’t judge me by my role. I like sexy clothes so don’t think because I put on clothes to look good, I want to attract any man. I don’t. Right from when I was small, I loved wearing skimpy things. Now, my body doesn’t permit my wearing those things but please, people shouldn’t judge me over my dressing. I just love them. I’m not doing it because of anybody.

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