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‘Edo has nothing to show for Obaseki’s four years’



A representative of Edo Central in the Edo State Oil and Gas Producing Development Commission (EDOSOGPADEC), Prince Emmanuel Odigie, has said the state has nothing to show for Governor Godwin Obaseki’s four years.

Odigie has resigned his appointment.

He became the latest appointee to resign following a gale of resignations that hit the state ahead of the September 10 governorship poll.

Odigie resigned yesterday, citing “the failure of Governor Obaseki to move the state forward in the last four years.”

Edo State, he said, has nothing to show for the four years of the current administration.

The governor, according to him, has failed in critical sectors of the state.

Odigie said: “When Obaseki came to Edo, he told us he is an investment banker.  He knows how to raise funds and attract investors.

“Look at Edo in the past four years, there is nothing to show. I will give you a list of the industries we have in Edo, they are dead to date. When Obaseki was coming on board, a lot of us were happy that at last we have a technocrat governor.

“What did we get? Where is Ewu Flour Mill? It is not functional Where is Okpela Cement Factory? It is not functional? Where is Eghor Juice Factory? It is not functional.

“Where is Cassavita Uromi? Where is Bendel Pharmaceuticals, Edo line? The list is endless.

“As an investment banker that he said he is, we expect by now all these industries will be functioning. He would have brought investors to partner the government to create jobs for Edo youths.”

He lamented that most of the educational institutions in Edo have also shut down because they didn’t receive due attention from the governor.

“Where are all the schools? The school of nursing is shut down, College of Education, Ekiadolor shut down, College of Agric, Iworahen shut down, College of Education, Igueben shut down. The list is endless.”

On health, Odigie noted: “Central Hospital built and equipped by Oshiomhole, only God and the governor know why he refused to open up the hospital for Edo people to use.”

He also accused Obaseki of playing politics of vindictiveness, which he said has drawn the state backwards.

”If you are not supportive of his election bid, he is ready to take on you. He has demonstrated it again and again. He started with Oshiomhole.

“He deployed Edo tax payer resources to fight Oshiomhole, mobilised people from Benin to Abuja to protest.  He went to court and did all sorts to ensure that he removed him as national chairman.”

On governance, he said Obaseki has failed woefully, adding:  “He is not a good leader. He is not a transformational leader. That was a mistake Edo people made. You must know somebody before you vote that person into an exalted office.”

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