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D’banj Appreciates Changing Perceptions on Having Children Out of Wedlock



Nigerian singer D’banj has shared his thoughts on having children, expressing that one doesn’t need to have everything in the world before starting a family.

As a guest on a recent episode of The Morning Rush show on Beat FM, D’banj was asked if getting married and having kids truly changes a person and provides a fresh perspective on life.

In response, D’banj said, “I think it’s just general sometimes. It is important for us to know that we are actually a vessel for God to use. There’s nothing that shows that more than knowing that you’re responsible for people, it lets you know that it’s not only you.”

He also praised the current generation for their more accepting attitude towards having children outside of marriage, contrasting it with the stricter views of his own generation. “It’s one thing I admire about this generation. Our generation was so hard that if you had a child out of wedlock, your career could just end. Now sometimes I dey call Tuface like, ‘Guy why you no tell me that time?'” D’banj said.

He continued, “It’s something different when you see them celebrating with their kids and they’re in their 30s and their kids are teenagers. I be like ‘Ah, Una no do me well o. That time I just dey there.'”

D’banj emphasised that having children is more about a person’s mindset than their circumstances. “Having kids goes beyond just people, it goes to your state of mind. It’s like ‘Are you mentally ready? Are you financially ready?’ You don’t have to have everything in the world but if you’re ready to embrace everything, it comes to you,” he concluded.

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