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Davido’s medical report does not hold water – Dele Momodu



The last has not been heard of the child abduction saga between the family of popular singer, David Adeleke, (aka Davido) and Dele Momodu, publisher of Ovation magazine, as the former, yesterday, released a pathology report showing that the mother of his child, Sophia Momodu, tested positive to cannabis.

The artiste uploaded a scanned copy of the purported medical report from Clina-Lancet Laboratories on Instagram, sparking fresh rounds of reactions from followers.

Last week, the news media was awash with tales of how the musician’s family had talked Sophia into releasing her breast-sucking child, Imade, for medical examinations, but later suspected she had been tricked, as plans to fly the child out of the country was aborted by immigration at the airport.

Sophia’s lawyer had filed a petition against the Adeleke family for alleged abduction of the child, accusing the singer of planning to travel to the United States with the baby without her mother’s consent. The petition was addressed to the Director General of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

Perhaps to prove that his family’s intend was indeed for medical reasons, Davido came out with Sophia’s medical report. The medical report has a footnote which reads; “Sophia’s test that shows for cannabis aka Indian hemp or marijuana which she passed to the baby through breast milk or as second hand smoke.”

But some of the fans who reacted to the post felt that if there was any medical report of the baby with trace of the drug, that could have been more appropriate for the singer’s claim.

In the same vein, spokesperson of the Momodu family, Dele Momodu, is of the view that the medical report does not hold water. Speaking to The Nation, he said that since the case has been taken to court, he is constraint to say much.

“Sebi he sent you report. Do you know what the other people have? If you go to court for example, you will have your own documents; the other people will have their own document so there is no hurry. If they’ve invited both parties, when we get there, we will see the documents. When we get there, we will see whether they are false. I’m not allowed to speak on it. The lawyers are already involved,” he said.

On whether they will be pressing fresh charges, Momodu said: “I don’t know what the lawyers will decide. That is why I can’t comment on the issue. The Adelekes are free to do whatever they want. I think what they are trying to do is to justify what they did but once they were accosted at the airport, it was no longer within my control.”

Sophia Momodu’s lawyer, Gbolaga Ajayi, has also insinuated that the medical report circulating on the internet is a suspicious document.

Speaking with The Nation, Ajayi said; “we are seeing that report for the first time, therefore it is hard for us to verify its genuineness. In Nigeria, people fabricate documents from everywhere. So that document itself is suspicious to us because the lady involved, our client, has never been given that medical report before. Curiously, no competent medical laboratory will give your report to a third party without giving you at least a copy.”

Ajayi however said that if indeed the report is correct, the public circulation is a violation of his client’s privacy. “We know the meaning of that in the law. The legal implication is very grave. It is very grave both on the part of the party that did it and the party that solicited for it. Three, there is no place in that report that I’ve seen thus far where any issue of cannabis use by our client having effect on the baby was mentioned,” he added.

There are indications that, going by the incident of the purported medical report, Davido might face a separate suit bothering on the civil right of Sophia. “It is an abuse and rape of somebody’s right to privacy. It is a constitutional issue. Our reaction to it will be in line with what the civil law demands,” Ajayi stated.

There is no gainsaying that the issue of marriage between Davido and Sophia is not in the equation, but what many are concerned about his the attempt to forcefully separate mother and child in a controversial manner.

Davido has said that Sophia’s pregnancy came as an accident, as he was not ready to be a father yet.

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