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Carmelo Anthony denies cheating again on wife Lala after he was pictured on a yacht with a mystery woman



Carmelo Anthony wasn’t with wife Lala on her birthday, instead he was pictured with a mystery woman on a yacht in the South of France.

Lala’s birthday was on Tuesday, June 25. He sent her a birthday message on Instagram but hours later, photos of him with a voluptuous lady on a boat surfaced on the internet.

The mystery woman is not Carmelo’s alleged mistress who gave birth to his side baby. It was a mystery woman and this led to speculations that Carmelo was cheating again even after his wife forgave him for having a baby outside of their marriage.

But Carmelo, who split temporarily from Lala in 2018 because of infidelity on his part, has denied having an affair with the woman and said the lady was there with her husband. He said they were all there on a business retreat.

In a video shared by TMZ Sports, Carmelo, who married Lala in 2010, said: “Listen, I’m gonna address this one time and one time only. And I’m really only addressing it for my family. Keep my family out this, man. I’m over here trying to do my business retreat. I’m over here trying to have a good time. I’m on a boat with some friends. Them people are married, man. They ain’t got nothing to do with anything. Y’all trying to expose – y’all exposing somebody’s wife. Y’all exposing somebody’s kids to all that. like, c’mon.

“Leave that alone, man. That ain’t cool. Now, I got to deal with that. I got to deal with that with my son. I got to deal with that with my wife. That ain’t cool, man. That’s not cool at all. Let those people live, all them bloggers trying to put that out there, that shit is not cool at all. It’s not cool at all.”

Carmelo added that the woman was on the yacht with her husband, and he (Melo) was only on board as a friend. .

He continued: “Let that family be. They’re family. They’re married. Let them people be them people. Them people are some real discrete people. And y’all putting them people out there like that? They don’t need to be [out] in the world like that. They do their own thing.

He added: “Y’all doing too much. The only reason I’m addressing this is because this is affecting my family now. And y’all got me out here looking crazy. Usually, I don’t address this, but I had to address this. Can’t let this one slide, ‘cause this shit ain’t cool no more. Peace.”

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