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Boko Haram Are Messengers Of God -Seer Blessed Dikeh Speaks



In July 2013, news went about town that a prophet of God in Oke Aro area of Ogun State serves beer and other alcoholic drinks in his church. The news report raised some dust then and many condemned the man of God for indulging in such act.

However, First Weekly visited the said church to find out if truly the man of God serves beers and alcoholic drinks in his church and to also confirm if he slaughters animals as sacrifice in the church as it was reported then.

First Weekly and about seven other journalists went to the temple recently to observe the service in the church and have an interview session with the controversial man of God.

Reacting to the question relating to serving beer and alcoholic drinks to his guests in the church, the General Overseer of “As God Said, It Must Done, The Temple of The Most High God’, as the church is called, Seer Blessed Oguguamakwu Dikeh, furiously slammed the journalist that reported that he serves beer in his church.

“I am really angry at that lady called Chinelo Obogo, (the journalist that wrote the story). If I see her anywhere, I will beat her. Let her not cross my way. Please include this in the interview,” a visibly angry Seer Dikeh declared.

Explaining what actually happened that day, Seer Dikeh, who claimed he will spend 500 years on earth, said, “she (Chinelo) and other journalists came just as you came, I asked her and others what I should offer them as refreshments, my media aide suggested snacks, but I told her that I am a son of a the Most High King and I must treat my guests in the royal way.

“I asked them to tell me whatever drink they take and some of them said they wanted stout, others requested for dry gin and I gladly offered them their requests.

“Even before you (referring to us) leave here today, I must treat you like someone who visited a prince. I have ordered them to cook for you and if you want ‘Udeme’ (meaning stout), I will give you. It is that simple.

“But Chinelo went to write that I serve beer in my church, what nonsense.” Dikeh said, adding further that, “she ate my rice and turkey and then wrote nonsense about me.

“Why didn’t she write that in her story?” Seer Dikeh asked.

“I am saying it again, I will beat her whenever her path crosses mine. If you know her, tell her. If not because of my daughter (referring to his media aide), I would have dealt with her mercilessly,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the man of God, who doesn’t pray in the name of Jesus, but in the name of God, disclosed that members of the dreaded Boko Haram terrorist group are messengers of God. “Yes, Boko Haram members are carrying out the instructions of God,” Seer Dikeh said.

The group has caused several bomb attacks and killings in the northern part of Nigeria.

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