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Bishop Oyedepo In Big Mess For Suggesting In His Church That President Buhari Is Dead



Popular man of God and General Overseer of Living Faith World Outreach aka Winners Chapel is in a big mess over his reported comments on President Muhammadu Buhari.

To many observers, Bishop Oyedepo is interfering in politics to the detriment of his calling as a man of God that ought to be apolitical and pray for the leaders of the country.

He is reportedly now seen as someone at the mercy of politicians and ‘people who want to get to public offices at all cost.’

Oyedepo read a satire written by Olatunji Dare in The Nation’s Newspaper to disparage those carrying the rumour about Buhari’s death to his congregation.

With this, Oyedepo suggested that the real President Muhammadu Buhari that Nigerians voted for had died and that his clone and look-alike, Jubril al Sudan, a native of Sudan — or Niger, is the person.

The piece by Olatunji Dare published in The Nation’s Newspaper of November 27, 2018 goes thus:

“Buhari’s Double”

In journalistic reckoning, the case of Buhari’s Double has to be the top item.

Since 2017, so goes the tale reportedly originated by the fugitive leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) Nigeria has been ruled by a Buhari look-alike, Jubril al Sudan, a native of Sudan — or Niger, take your pick. Buhari had died in the UK in 2017, where he was undergoing medical treatment.  Notwithstanding the fact that Queen Elizabeth had sent a message of condolence to the Nigerian government, the entrenched Cabal in Aso Rock had procured a Buhari double in Sudan, and pressed him into service as Nigeria’s president.

Despite occasional stumbles and apparent loss of memory, the transition had gone so smoothly that the only tell-tale sign of the infernal switch was a scar on Jubril’s left earlobe that was not a part of Buhari’s profile.

Kanu, or whoever began the tale, and those who have been peddling it, should update their material.

I can report authoritatively that representatives of the Jubril family, having discovered the gigantic swindle, suddenly showed up in Abuja the other day and demanded to be compensated with a power-sharing arrangement at the federal level in perpetuity, plus 50 percent of Nigeria’s oil revenues for ten years in the first instance.  Failing this, they warned, they would tell their story to the whole world.

I can also reveal that the Nigerian authorities have entered into frantic negotiations with Jubril’s family to head off what is sure to earn a double entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s Dirtiest and Worst-kept Secret.  The UK authorities are mediating.

Meanwhile, dependable sources tell me that Abuja is close to unraveling the true identity of the fake Jew parading himself on faked foreign soil as Nnamdi Kanu.”

This got to many observers as a big surprise, wondering why someone of Oyedepo’s stature could not differentiate between a satire and a real write-up.

In a satire, one would write in exact opposite of what he means, it is a way of making mockery of a belief and writing to trivialize an issue some people consider to be serious.

Even at that, the latest development from the man of God, observers maintain, has reduced him to a political pastor, who has decided to be partisan against the expectation of his office.

Some of those, who condemn the act see it as unacceptable.

In one instance, a commentator said; “It’s unacceptable considering the large number of followers in David Oyedepo’s ministries and the gullible nature of many Nigerians that a man of his status will use the pulpit to preach conflicting & controversial claims about the person of PMB.

“What’s is bad has no other name.

Another commentator posited that, “With all due respect, watching this video of Bishop Oyedepo political campaign for @OfficialPDPNig during church service ,I wasn’t disappointed because he has been a serial pathological lier who has been caught lying ,yet he shamelessly continues. Sad!

One of the ten commandments of the Bible is,”Thou Shall Not Lie”.

So it baffles me when a respected Man of God stands before his congregation ,because of his political biased and narrative deliberately lie to deceive his congregation, when the Bible in Levi:19 v 11 has warned

“Do not Steal”. “Do not Lie”.”Do not Deceive one Another”.

“Since the administration of @MBuhari ,Bishop Oyedepo has nt overcome the defeat the candidate he supported and took to Jerusalem,@GEJonathan lost in the 2015 election & has resorted to all manners of lies on the alter

“Bishop Oyedepo has accused this present administration because of the person of @MBuhari of an Islamization Agenda without any reasonable proof.

It’s because of religious leaders like him that the laudable program of cattle colonies or ranching failed ,because they mislead

“Lots of gullible Christians to believe it was an avenue for “Islamic Colonization” forgetting in 2014,@GEJonathan his “Son in the Lord”,our Christian President had released money(100bn), for same “Cattle Ranches” in each state of the federation,but the money grew wings.

“Bishop Oyedepo didn’t speak from  the alter to his congregation warning them that @GEJonathan wanted to Christianize Nigeria or wanted the Herdsmen to Colonize Nigeria then.

He has also lied from the alter that this Present administration conducted @PoliceNG exam in Arabic.

Despite JAMB disclaimer,he never apologized for misleading and lying to his congregation because his rhetoric is achieving result.

“Provb 12:23 “The Lord detest Lying lips, but delights in people who are Trustworthy”.

I hope we understand spiritual leaders are role models?

“The Bible in John; 8 : 44 ….”When he Lies,he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and his father Lies”….My Father in Heaven ,who men of God are believe to represent on Earth dont lie and doesn’t deceive .So am honestly really getting Confused!!

“They’ve tried the Colonization, Islamization, Fulani Herdsmen, Killings etc lies and all seems to have fallen down like a pack of cards and now ,the last few weeks after the “Dubai Meeting” of PDP, their e-rats have pushed the “Sudan Jubril” nonsense on social media.

“And as expected, the usual suspect who normally launches it from the altar has not disappointed me! We should wait in a few weeks, it would be preached in Lekki by the big boy @pauladefarasin, then in PH and the Maracana Spiritual Stadium in Abuja.

“It has been their pattern.

“One word I have for them is God loves Nigeria and his perfect plans for our great country Nigeria will be fulfilled in this generation, but certainly not by lies.

In Gen. 3:4 “You will Certainly not die” the Serpent told the woman , was the first ever Lie that brought serious.

“Consequence to humanity and man has not recovered from it.

I will end with Proverbs again, one of my favorite book, in Chapter 14 vs 5. “A honest witness does not deceives, but a fable witness pours out Lies”

Our Spiritual Leaders should be Honest on the Alter of God.”

Others, who were embittered by the behavior of the pastor wrote: “A new low for @DavidOyedepoMin

Politics aside, this is very dangerous, a man of God reading a satire on the pulpit and using it to justify a lie propagated by a supremacist Kanu. Surely corrupt money isn’t flowing into his dynasty again. Shocking even by Oyedepo’s low standards.”

“Why going the long route of Praying to God Almighty for the rescue of Nigeria? If he were truly a “Man of God”, why not just ask God to show him the true picture whether Buhari is now dual or not.

It is sad that majority of people that follow @DavidOyedepoMin doesn’t know that they are actually more intelligent than the man, no man truly sent by GOD talk and behave like him.

Amazing how otherwise smart people are led by the noose this way. So, @DavidOyedepoMin told you your president is one Jubril from Sudan based on a satire and you all jumped up and started praying against slavery as he commanded?”

“I think Oyedepo should apologize to his Church

I know the Bishop has always detested PMB (its a free world, really, the right to dislike anyone is guaranteed constitutionally atink), but I don’t understand why he keeps going this far to peddle/amplify (from the pulpit) falsehood and disinformation about him. Really puzzling.

Olatunji Dare, one of Nigeria’s finest satirists, wrote a piece titled ‘Buhari’s Double’ on Nov 27.”

“Pastor of one of Nigeria’s LARGEST CHURCHES cites the SATIRE in a sermon (apparently yesterday December 2, 2018) as evidence PMB likely dead.

That Bishop of man was unfortunate in 2014/15 & he is yet to recover & will never recover from the drought of slush funds from the commonwealth which he & his ilks have been used to, let him continue after all, God is greater than man.

”Ijailara o kintanboro. (Yoruba meaning for it is not easy to put an end to a fight based on inferiority complex).They will remain inconsolable forever..They will forever wish the President bad and they will forever never attract God”s listening ear.”

“Papa now quotes newspapers although he once said he doesn’t read them…… not even the one with his stories….”

“Most people will go to any length to reverse situations that stops slush funds from getting to them, they spread any informations to cause hate and disaffection for the person who blocked their access to free funds. Bishop Oyedepo can’t wait for PDP to take over, he need the CASH.”

“Is it really puzzling? These are peddlers of God’s word for monetary gains. The Bible says they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are being revealed for who they really are! Pollitical merchant from the pulpit.”

“No free parking lot for his private jets niii. That is one.

Most tragic. From the pulpit! Should the DSS pick up this man now all the other clans of the collective + oppressive Nigerian mafia will have another missile with which to further drive a wedge between the poor.

Don’t understand why he keeps going this far? C’mon bros. No more bags of Ghana must go as offering, no more free parking for jets, offering no dey flow as before, he has been demystified….he is no longer “god”! The list is endless. So why won’t he go this far. Let him cry!”

“Puzzling u say? This is clearly a reflection of who we have become. We surrender our resources and reasoning to “men of God” and they never miss an opportunity to take full advantage. Pushing their own agenda every single time. Shameful and completely immoral.”

“Bishop Oyedepo didn’t speak from  the alter to his congregation warning them that @GEJonathan wanted to Christianize Nigeria or wanted the Herdsmen to Colonize Nigeria then.

He has also lied from the alter that this Present administration conducted Police exam in Arabic.”

All these are trending on the internet and many Nigerians have continued to express their reservations over the “kind of messages being dished out to gullible congregations by the likes of Bishop Oyedepo.”

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