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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, on New Year’s Day, appealed to Nigerian youths to support the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, in the coming election.

Reading through the self-serving drivel he purported as national address, I recalled how he once disparaged young people in Nigeria when in response to the reduction of the age to become a member of the national legislature during the Ibrahim Babangida years, he publicly wondered if one of his children, then just over the minimum age requirement, was thus supposed to be qualified to be a federal lawmaker!

Besides his legendary contempt for his own flesh and blood, that is the true outlook of Obasanjo on the same young people he is presently trying to scam into wasting their votes on a fellow demagogue and narcissist in the person of Peter Obi.

Of course, Obasanjo is not really a man worth responding to since he does not have any moral standing, political influence or electoral value that should bother anyone that is truly politically savvy.

He has been dictator and apparently democratically elected president, but, even for me, that is not enough reason for a riposte to his pitiable and most clumsy desperation to remain the determinant of our national destiny.

Frankly, I only write to put this wanton hypocrite and most woefully failed leader in his proper place.

Otherwise, this is strictly intended to set the records straight while alerting the uninformed to the true particulars of this total scourge on our nation.

Somewhere in his ramble, Obasanjo referred to people he claimed had assumed positions of “authority and power” and, done so “through foul and despicable means”.

Boy o!

No one in the entire history of this country brought more people to positions of authority and power through the foulest and most putridly despicable means than Obasanjo, himself!

At another point in his ode to hypocrisy, Obasanjo asserted that “there are only two tribes of people in Nigeria, a tribe of good people and a tribe of bad people”.

He had apparently and conveniently forgotten that he is the traditional ruler of the tribe of bad people!

The hyena and the dingo are probably the most disreputable members of the animal kingdom, both being truly infernal beasts that opportunistically engage in something zoologists call “surplus kill”.

It is to be expected for the one to endorse the other and for more upright animals to be, at best, truly amused by the rather comical hypocrisy of it all!

Indeed, simply describing Peter Obi as his mentee is the final nail on the political coffin of the champion of consumerism from Anambra, or, how does being the product of the most failed leader in the history of our country qualify you as presidential material?

Obasanjo is easily and by far the most ruinous leader in Nigeria’s entire history.

His misguided arrest of Asari Dokubo and most malevolent persecution of Diepriye Alamieyeseigha was what eventually brought Nigeria to the throes of its present epidemic of kidnapping and banditry.

This is the same president who squandered $16 billion on power that no one in Nigeria has ever seen to date.

An archenemy of democracy and, indeed, the very man who presided over the two most wantonly rigged elections in the entire history of electioneering in Nigeria now wants us to democratically elect his stooge and fellow pathological liar as president of our country!

Who the hell does this guy even think he is?

While ignorance might be accounted by some as bliss, delusion is most certainly a disease.

If one was able to gather Obasanjo’s own children together and ask them to vote between their father and Goodluck Jonathan, having assured them he would never know they were the electors, they would end up voting for Jonathan and against Obasanjo!

The man whose own son accused him of sleeping with his wife and daughter-in-law wants us to trust in his moral rectitude to recommend a befitting leader for our nation!

Truly those the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

The same man whose own daughter accused him of treating her and her siblings with extreme wickedness and exceeding contempt, while they just little children and still growing up, even barring them and their mother – his wife, for that matter – from living in the main house and confining them to the boys quarters of the residence of the Head of State when he was military dictator, to the extent that while the daughter of the number one citizen of her country, she felt too ashamed to invite her school mates to visit her at home, wants us to believe he has our best interests at heart and has managed to find just the right man to take care of the rest of us!

Obasanjo, the man who does not give “shishi”, even to his own children, recommends to us, one of his own kind!

This is the same man of muscle and little sense who went to Ayo Oritsejafor’s church in Warri and proceeded to most shamefully undermine, most shamelessly undercut and publicly attempt to embarrass a sitting President simply because he wouldn’t be his errand boy!

At that total show of shame, Obasanjo had accused President Goodluck Jonathan of being weak and indecisive about tackling Boko Haram as if he’d expected Jonathan to simply go down to Maiduguri and level the whole place down in the name of fighting insurgency!

Imagine the utter satanism of the entire idea!

Obasanjo then boasted, even there before the altar of The Lord, about the most heinous crimes he had perpetrated against humanity and orchestrated in Odi, Bayelsa, something for which he should presently be cooling his heels in a cell at The Hague, in a most macabre attempt to showcase the same as just the right recipe for Maiduguri!

President Jonathan promptly retorted that he was bound to follow the law in combatting insurgency and that, at any rate, he had actually visited Odi soon after Obasanjo’s massacre of the citizens of the town and ended up seeing only the corpses of women and children littering the place with not a single dead militant in sight!

Actually what Obasanjo had come to do at Pastor Ayo’s church, talking to Jonathan like that, was to play the sort of ethnic politics only a Warri man would be able to easily discern.

Indeed, he had come to pitch one tribe against another!

And, those of us born in Warri immediately knew what the old predator was up to in our town.

This is the dreadful narcissism and utter degeneracy of the man who now purports to lecture us on national unity and exactly whom to recruit for the highest office in the land!

May God punish the wicked!

Obasanjo claims to believe in God and in his megalomanic conceit, apparently expects to make Heaven when he dies.

Unfortunately, for him, when, finally he meets his Maker, he will find his path to Paradise solidly and unbreachably blocked by the souls of those he slaughtered in Odi and massacred in Zaki-Biam.

They will be joined by the souls of the victims of the high treason and most infernal treachery he perpetrated when he reduced the size of our country by conveying Bakassi to the Cameroonians in the utterly idiotic expectation of thus winning a Noble prize at the expense of his own countrymen!

The pathological selfcenteredness and arrogance of this man is just as revolting as its is grotesque and most unconscionable.

Whatever needs rescuing in Nigeria is precisely what Obasanjo failed to rescue or, indeed, completely destroyed!

To imagine he has the temerity to keep positioning himself as the messiah to dictate the direction we are then to go as a nation!

This is a man with no love for anyone and whom – justly, I should say – no one loves, either.

Indeed, many people in his supposedly native Abeokuta believe that Obasanjo is not actually one of them and that his true father is an Ibo man from Onitsha, indeed, one who later became king of the market town!

Short of having DNA confirmation for their longstanding suspicion, the fact of Obasanjo’s deep hatred and quite perplexing contempt for his fellow Yorubas has only served to reinforce this notion in the minds of many.

His electorally worthless endorsement of Peter Obi will be viewed in the light of his inability to countenance another Yoruba ever rising to the presidency of Nigeria.

Alternatively, or indeed, additionally, it will be taken as nothing more than Obasanjo finally acknowledging his true origins across the Niger and trying to merely hoodwink the rest of us into voting for his fellow Anambrarian!

Obasanjo chose to announce his endorsement of Peter Obi on New Year’s Day in a most unfair attempt to take the shine off President Muhammadu Buhari’s New Year Address to the citizens of this country.

The pathological attention seeker in him must have planned to displace the elected president and make himself the news item of the day.

That is how petty this fellow is!

If it is not Obasanjo, it must be no one else.

That’s how utterly pitiably infantile this particular retired army general can be.

Unfortunately for Obasanjo, his repeated and rather most perplexingly foolhardy foray into politics, quite apart from his obsessive insistence on determining the future of our country, is only guaranteeing that his twilight years will be full of disappointment and much regret.

In short, the entirety of his unwarranted interventions in politics since the disgraceful defeat of his third term bid and ignoble exit from power have amounted to nothing but a most misguided journey into self harm.

Just as President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua disappointed him by refusing to be his lackey, even so did President Goodluck Jonathan render him miserable by refusing to dance to his diabolical tunes.

When he turned to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, he apparently expected to have found just the right errand boy through whom to govern our country by proxy.

Yet again, he was confounded as Buhari simply would not be anyone’s house boy.

Obasanjo is at it again and even as he had always been humiliated before, he will be completely disgraced this time around, having chosen a candidate that simply cannot possibly win.

This is the recompense Heaven prepares for the arrogant, the self-centered and the proud, and, all them who seek to place themselves in the position of Almighty God before the people, God’s children.

They are brought down to total disgrace and utter shame before all, even those of their own household.

My colleagues have already pointed out how utterly meaningless Obasanjo’s endorsement of anyone amounts to.

He has never actually won the very polling booth in front of his own house and has never been able to make anyone anything – not even a local government councillor – in any free and fair electoral contest!

As a matter of fact, absolutely all of Obasanjo’s political products are minions he made this or that vide the vomit-making selections he purported to be elections in 2003 and 2007.

I solemnly assure the pathologically lying Peter Obi that he will lose the polling unit of Obasanjo, himself, in this election!

That shouldn’t bother him that much because he will lose miserably elsewhere, as well, and will most certainly not emerge winner come February 25.

Indeed, hatred and jealousy will confound Olusegun Obasanjo this year.

By the grace of Almighty God, indeed in Jesus Name, come May 29, this very year, Obasanjo and his kinsman from Anambra will find themselves constrained to address Obasanjo’s ultimate nemesis as “His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”!

Happy New Year, Nigeria!

Onokpasa, a lawyer and member, All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Council, writes from Warri.

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