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Angry drunk woman tears clumps of hair from schoolgirls’ heads in jealous rage over ‘free Coke’



Binge: Christine Farmer attacked two schoolgirls whilst drunk

An angry drunk woman tore chunks of hair from two schoolgirls’ heads because she thought they were getting a free can for Coke in takeaway.

Christine Farmer, 39, was “off her head” following a drink and drugs binge when she staggered to a fast food joint for some chips.

As she waited to pay, staff handed her two 14-year-old victims a can of pop -Farmer flew into a jealous rage because she thought it was a freebie.

She lunged at both teenagers – one of whom was with her boyfriend and dragged both to the floor by their hair.

Chaotic: Farmer had indulged in a drink and drugs binge

The girls – who can’t be named for legal reasons – screamed in terror during the unprovoked assault which only ended when a passer-by dragged Farmer off.

It later emerged the pair had already paid for their order from home and were simply picking it up.

Drunk Farmer, of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was held at the scene until police arrived while the girls fled to a nearby takeaway and waited until their parents came to collect them.

When the mother of one of the girls arrived, she was shocked to see the imposing frame of Farmer “falling all over” through drink, before she was apprehended by officers.

One of the girls had hair pulled from her head and the other received scratches to her knees.

One girl’s mum, an NHS worker, said: “This woman thought they got a free can of coke but they had already paid for the order, but she took offence and dragged them both to the ground by their hair.

Scene: Farmer didn’t like the idea of the girls getting free pop

“She said they looked older than 14.

“I don’t care how old she thought they looked, you can’t go around attacking people when you don’t get a can of coke.

“She was off her head on drink and cannabis, I could see her falling all over when I arrived.

“I’m not having a grown woman scare my daughter like that.

“She ought to be locked up. My daughter is a really quiet kid and this really frightened her.”

At Burnley magistrates Farmer pleading guilty to two counts of assault and possession of cannabis.

The incident occurred on August 5 after Farmer to staggered Tony’s Pizza and Kebab House following a drink and drugs session.

Prosecutor Tracy Yates said: “The defendant was in a takeaway in Bacup as were the two victims, who are 14 years old.

They say they got a free can of Coke and for no reason the defendant grabbed both of them by their hair, pulling them to the floor, and grappled with them until a customer was able to assist.

“As a result of the attack, one of the girls had hair pulled from her head and the other received scratches to her knees.

“The incident had a significant effect on both victims.”

Farmer has 29 previous convictions including seven for assault-related crimes.

Her lawyer Richard Birtwistle said: “She leads a chaotic lifestyle and has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and a stress disorder.”

But adjourning sentence until next month District Judge David Stott told Farmer: “This is a worrying record.

“The court needs to know whether or not probation feel there is anything they can usefully provide.

“With this record you could be facing prison. You can’t treat 14 year olds like that and expect no consequences.”

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