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12 Killed In France As Gunmen Storm Office Of Satirical Newspaper



‘Massacre’: The gunmen are seen brandishing Kalashnikovs as they move in on the injured police officer from their vehicle outside the office

Twelve people were killed today when gunmen carried out a ‘massacre’ at the offices of a notoriously anti-Islamist magazine in Paris – including a police officer who was executed as he begged for mercy on the pavement.
Two masked attackers brandishing Kalashnikovs burst into the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, opening fire on staff after seeking out journalists by name.Those executed also included four of the most famous cartoonists in France – men who had regularly satirised Islam and the Prophet Mohammed – along with the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Stephane Charbonnier.
The killers were heard to shout ‘the Prophet has been avenged’ and ‘Allahu akbar!’ as stalked the building.
Horrific footage also emerged showing an injured police officer slumped on the pavement outside the office as the two gunmen approach.
In an apparent desperate plea for his life, the officer is seen slowly raising his hand towards one of the attackers, who responds by callously shooting him in the head at point-blank range.
Despite a shoot-out with armed officers, the ‘calm and highly disciplined’ men who reportedly spoke perfect French were able to escape in a hijacked car and remain on the loose.

French President Francoise Hollande said 11 people had been killed while four others were critically injured. He said 40 people had been taken to safety.
The Chief of Paris police, Xavier Castaing, also said 11 people have been confirmed killed in the shooting.
Some of those killed were journalists, and at least two police personnel also died in the attack, officials said.
The attackers remained at large after fleeing the scene.
French news channel, France Info, quoted a witness, Benoît Bringer, who said he watched the attack from a nearby building.

“About a half an hour ago, two black-hooded men entered the building with Kalashnikovs. A few minutes later, we heard lots of shots,” Mr. Bringer said.
Mr. Bringer told the station that he saw the hooded men fleeing the building soon after.
President Hollande who alongside French Interior Minister, said the incident was “undoubtedly a terrorist attack of exceptional barbarity” and ordered that the country’s terrorist alert status level to be increased to the highest level.

He said several terrorist attacks have been prevented recently. Security has been increased in places of worship, news organisations and transport stations, which are often targeted by terrorists.

Charlie Hebdo’s tweet appeared to tease the leader of the Islamic State militant group, ISIS.
In the past, the newspaper stirred outrage among some Muslims after it published a satire of Prophet Muhammad and Islam.
In 2011 its offices were firebombed after it published a cartoon of the prophet on its cover promising “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing!”

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