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2023: Kola Abiola opposes PDP, APC dominance



Son of the acclaimed winner of the 1993 presidential election, Kola Abiola, has opposed the current political structure in the country.

He said the continuous dominance of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), leaves Nigeria with a bad option.

Abiola spoke at the weekend in Abuja during a fireside chat themed: “This Thing Called Democracy”, in commemoration of this year’s June 12 Democracy Day. It was organised by Tribe Naija.

He said Nigeria must deliberately disrupt the current process in order to create more alternatives in 2023. He said the current system makes it impossible for Nigeria to make better choices.

He called on participants to galvanise support and kickstart the process of changing the political status quo.

He said: “I think what am trying to do has started. We are a group that need to think outside of a box. When I say we have to think out of the box, we are still thinking along with the same political structure we inherited since independence.

“What we have is a system that throws up two candidates, not of our choice. Then we get to pick the best of the worst. What am hoping we will do with this platform is to mobilise a lot of us to disrupt the process. Is all about disrupting this process.

“What do I mean when you disrupt something? You are in the age of disruption, we have to put that to use for the better of this country. Can imagine what bringing 51% together on this platform can do? Can you imagine having 51% of the voting population on a platform? All you need to do is to use that platform to begin to get organically grown leadership on that platform.

“We have the thumbs up and thumbs down, we have an algorithm that allows you to identify participation and quality of content. These are the crop of people that we need to raise now.

“So let us not make a mistake about the system. There is no system. We have inherited a system and is time we turn that system on its head. The system just throws up what they want us to have and we have to pick from what they throw up for us to vote for. We will change that on this platform. Because our numbers will count and we will have a say. You will know exactly the numbers we have at ward, local and state basis through this platform. I am committed to making that happens.”

“The biggest fraud in the system is what is called delegates election. Delegate election is the worst. It is a system that gives us candidate, that is not of our choice. But when you have your troops and those troops have nominated of the platform, can you see the difference it will make? So don’t continue to rely on that system, we need to create a system that gives you a direct say and makes a difference. With this system, you will know exactly where your numbers are,” he added. (Sunday Sun)

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