Meghan Markle’s baby shower cost a staggering $430,000, including the $75,000-a-night venue and the $125K private jet she took each way

Meghan Markle’s lavish New York City baby shower is believed to have cost a staggering $430,000.  

The seven-months pregnant royal touched down in New York City on Friday to attend a baby shower being thrown for her by her nearest and dearest pals after spending Valentine’s Day with Prince Harry. 

She then left the US by private jet on Wednesday night from Teterboro, New Jersey, on a plane that costs $125,000 per trip.

Between lavish gifts from friends, to the cost of her Royal Protection security and extravagant dinners, the royal’s week in the city amounted to $430,896.98.

Meghan’s baby shower took place in The Mark Hotel Grand Penthouse Suite, which boasts gorgeous views of Central Park.

It is thought that the $75,000-a-night suite was rented out for two nights in order to allow for the baby shower preparations to be made.

Therefore, the total cost of the penthouse amounts to $150,000.  

The soon to be mother also chose to stay at the same lavish Upper East Side hotel for her stay in New York. 

It is thought that she opted for a one-bedroom suite in the hotel. 

Five nights in the Manhattan one-bedroom suite at The Mark Hotel costs a whopping $9,982.05.

A one-night stay in the one-bedroom suite at The Mark Hotel costs $1,735 including bed and breakfast with food from the Jean-Georges restaurant.  

Without breakfast, the cost for a one-night stay in The Mark Hotel is $1,695. 

Therefore, if Meghan opted out of food during her hotel-stay she would get the five nights for a cheaper rate of $8,745. 

All rates for rooms include taxes and fees. 

The 37-year-old dined out at The Polo Bar on Tuesday night with five friends including Serena Williams and stylist Jessica Mulroney.

The cost of a dinner at the exclusive midtown restaurant would have cost approximately $420 with drinks included.

The duchess was also spotted heading into Laduree in SoHo with close friend Jessica Mulroney, a Canadian stylist, over the weekend for afternoon tea for two, where one macaron retails for $2.80.

Therefore, after four macarons ($11.20) and two teas ($7), Meghan’s afternoon tea at the luxury bakery amounted to about $25. 

Meghan headed out for lunch at Cafe Bolud at The Surrey with friends on Tuesday.

The restaurant features a $39 two-course lunch six days a week, meaning Meghan’s lunch at the restaurant cost a total of $78. 

Throughout her trip, the Duchess of Sussex has been accompanied by two Royal Protection constables, who can earn up to $104,954 a year. 

For six days, it would have cost approximately $2,412.74 per Royal Protection constable, meaning that the total cost for the trip was at least $4,825.50, not taking into account the officers’ living expenses, which would have brought the total to much more. 

Even if they were staying in one of the cheaper rooms at The Mark, the hotel where Meghan is thought to have been based throughout her trip, the cost would have been around $4,693.55 per officer including taxes, fees, and breakfast. 

This brings the grand total for the two men to $14,212.58 for the six-day trip.  

A five-night return trip could cost around $8,734.04. The duchess flew with her two Royal Protection officers, bringing the total cost to $26,202.   

It is thought that Meghan flew on a chartered private jet and the total cost of her trip from London to New York costed a whopping $125,000 each way.  

Meghan’s baby shower has so far seen a number of different lavish gifts being delivered to the hotel. 

A Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib ($379) and a 10 foot mandarin tree (approx. $140) were brought to the hotel on Wednesday morning. 

A large bouquet featuring dozens of long-stem pink roses from Lady Fleur NYC (approx. $399.95) was also among the gifts seen being delivered on Wednesday morning. 

A Carnival King cotton candy machine ($199.99) was also spotted. 

Later in the afternoon, a guest was spotted carrying in a children’s Trek bicycle.

Trek kids bicycles range between $169.99 for a Kickster training bike for toddlers, and $1,049.99 for a children’s mountain bike, meaning that the average bike from the brand costs approximately $609.00.   

Several regular-sized Away Cases were also seen being delivered to The Mark, each of which cost $225. 

Approximately 17 of ‘The Carry-On’ cases can be seen, the cost of which amounts to  $3,825 in total. 

New York City harpist and singer Erin Hill was also spotted entering the venue on Wednesday with her harp and other equipment. 

The average cost for the award-winning harpist to play at an event is $625.

The cost of Meghan Markle’s baby shower

The Mark Hotel Grand Penthouse Suite – $150,000

Five nights in a one-bedroom suite at The Mark Hotel – $9,982.05

Dinner for four at The Polo Bar – approx. $420 with drinks

Lunch at The Surrey – Cafe Bolud – approx. $78

Afternoon tea for two at Laduree – approx. $25

Two Royal Protection officers – $14,213 

Private jet from London to NYC costing $125,000 each way – $250,000

 Harp player Erin Hill – $625 

Away Carry On Cases (17) – $3,825

Gifts: Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib – $379

10ft mandarin tree – approx. $140

Lady Fleur NYC roses – approx. $399.95

Carnival King cotton candy machine – $199.99 

Trek bicycle – approx. $609.99 

Total: $430,896.98 

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