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Actress, Ini Edo Finds Love Again, Set To Marry For a Second Time



Beautiful Nollywood actress, Ini Edo has found love again years after her first marriage collapsed.

The talented thespian, Ini was recently spotted entering a 3 star hotel with Le Boo somewhere in Lekki, Lagos State, where they both had nice time together.

Le Boo is an IJGB’ ( I just got back) dude closely related to traditional rulers of the Land of Excellence. It’s interesting that Ini has found love again and this time in deep hot romance with the Lasgidi big boy people are hoping she doesn’t get burnt in the process.

Their love life is not new to keen observers as the love birds are overly excited and would do everything to keep this love affair secret till the wedding date, so she can sort out issues.

As a sharp baby girl, Ini is currently trying to part ways with any known Maga and take out any surviving stumbling block to a secret wedding which is planned to take place in Dubai in a few weeks time.

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Exclusive: Lagos Fashion Designer, Bunmi Olatunji In Pains Over Elegushi’s New Marriage



  • Plots Comeback Bid With Ex-Billionaire Lover, Greg Uanseru 
  • Why The GCA Energy Boss Can’t Take Her Back

Popular Instagram slay queen and fashion designer, Bunmi Olutunji is in pain. She has been bemoaning the misfortune that befell her since she was hit by the news of the grand wedding ceremony between Oba Saheed Ademola, Kusenla 111, the Onikate of Ikateland and Hadiza Tanko Yakasai, an Abuja-based lady. 

It will be recalled that Oba Elegushi got married to Hadiza, the beautiful daughter of Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, veteran politician, human rights activist and former Liaison Officer to President Shehu Shagari. He is also a founding member of Arewa Consultative Forum. The news of the wedding ceremony was also reported to have shaken Oloori Aramide Sekinat, the first wife of the Elegushi. 

However, one other lady who was also shaken by the news of the wedding ceremony was Bunmi Olatunji, a former mistress of the Elegushi. She, reportedly, reclined into a state of semi-depression, when she heard the news. 

It was exclusively gathered that Bunmi was one of Oba Elegushi’s favourite mistresses. She was so confident that he would make her his second wife, and had boasted to her friends that she was going to have a fairy tale wedding with the handsome Lagos monarch. 

Insiders revealed to First Weekly that although, Oba Elegushi had a soft spot for Bunmi, he was uncomfortable about her flamboyant lifestyle and over-inflated ratings on social media. And even when he toyed with  the idea of taking his affair with Bunmi to the next level, the agenda was promptly knocked off by his close allies, who didn’t hesitate in warning that he might be bitting more than he could chew should he go ahead with his decision. 

According to  some close friends of Bunmi, she has an insatiable appetite for money and enjoys love making a lot. They also revealed that she always complained of not getting maximum satisfaction in these two aspects from ever busy Elegushi. So, it was just a matter of time before the two realized their affair was leading to no where. Thus, they parted ways last year. 

But Bunmi was said to have always nursed a deep-seated assurance that Elegushi would come back to beg her. So she waited and hoped. Unfortunately, her hope was dashed with the Elegushi/Yakasai wedding which took place on May 3. Ever since then, Bunmi has been crying and cursing her close friends who also contributed to the crash of her love affair with the Elegushi. 

Meanwhile, the popular fashion designer is reported to be plotting to get back with her former fiancée, Greg Uanseru, the President of GCA Energy Limited. But the billionaire businessman has reportedly  vowed to rebuff such move. 

First Weekly gathered that Uanseru is very bitter and angry with Bunmi for dumping him, after she had used him to get all what she needed: a palatial mansion, cars, business links, liposuction surgery and all other body enhancing surgeries. 

Sources who were privy to the love affair between the two revealed that Bunmi wasn’t really into Uanseru. Yet, the 60-year old man pleaded with and cajoled Bunmi to become his third wife. But she refused. 

Bunmi, who did not hide the fact that she enjoyed great actions in “the other room” allegedly claimed that Unaseru’s tummy was too big and that her friends made jest of her that her sugar-daddy looked like the cartoon character, Barney with the big tummy.

To please her, Uanseru went for gastroplasty operation yet the tummy remained massive like a pregnant woman who is at a full term. Bunmi couldn’t wait to dump him for other action packed guys.

Presently, Uanseru is having a good laugh and he is hailing the public disgrace that greeted a whole Instagram slay queen like Bunmi, being dumped for a northern beauty with solid pedigree. 

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2Face Idibia Laments Having Children From Different Women



Nigeria music star, Innocent Ujah Idibia, aka Tuface has expressed his displeasure at having children from multiple women.

The talented musician described the issue as one he would not like to discuss.

“It is really tough to talk about it.  Honestly, when I look back and  examine that  aspect of my life, I wish it never happened. I wish all my kids came from one woman.  I love my children and there is nothing I can do to change the situation . I have moved on and I am married to one of the women who bore me kids. I no longer dwell on that issue.”

His relationship with his children. 

“I am not the strict type because I have a soft spot for kids. As such,  my children always get away with so many things when I am around. Their mothers are the ones who  discipline them. I pamper my kids,’’ he tells with delight in his voice.

Does it seem likely that any of his children would follow in his footsteps? He affirms this and adds that some of them are already exhibiting  signs of taking up music as a career and rather than dissuade them, he is prepared to give them the encouragement they need to succeed.

When he is not making melodious music, the international act always takes a break from his hectic schedule to relax. For him, this comes in different forms he quips.

“Sometimes, I could just sleep but most times, I like to hang out with my friends. We laugh, gist, crack jokes and generally have fun,’’ he says.

Commenting on the motivators in his life, Tuface says that one of the things he strongly believes in is the fact that the sky is big enough for everyone to fly as there is adequate space. He continues:

“It is just like the millions of stars that you see in the sky at night. Notwithstanding their number, there would still be space for more stars to shine. That is life and nature at work, so there is space for all of us.  I always say that nobody should think that he or she is luckier than everyone else in life because that is a farce. As an individual, do not think that there is no space for the next person to thrive. For me, that is how I see life.’’

Even though he dropped out of school many years ago, he reiterates that in spite of his itinerary as an international musician, he looks forward to a time when he would be able to go back to earn a university degree. In a pitch that shows sincerity,  he says,

“Maybe I’d give it a thought once again. I am going to keep trying and I would never give up on education.’’

His role models he says must not necessarily be musicians. He argues,

“They are people from different professions and surprisingly  music is not one of them . I look up to many people and I do so for countless reasons.”

Still speaking, he says Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, Richard Mofe-Damijo and comedian, Ali Baba stand out for him and the reason is not farfetched. In a revealing tone, he enumerates some of the reasons why he regards them so.

“These are people who have remained on top of their game in their respective fields of endeavour and they are doing very well so I have tremendous respect for them. For instance, take a look at Ali Baba, he is a very humble man, yet he is on top of his game as a comedian and I always strive to do same,’’ he states.

Tuface is not exactly a trendsetter yet he manages to keep it simple and sharp even though he is not proficient at fashion as he is at music.  In describing his style, he keeps it brief.

“Nothing in particular determines what I wear . I just like to dress in clean clothes and also look sharp when I go out,” he explains.

He sums up his philosophy about life in just one short sentence, ‘Live and let live’ and adds that he just wants to be remembered as that guy that came to the world to do his thing and also allowed others do their own thing, all in the spirit of one love.

Having weathered several storms in his career, Tuface has a word of advice for up-and-coming artistes.

“I just want them to know that going into music is serious business. More so, they should challenge themselves creatively and be able to explore all avenues. They must not be held back by any challenges that may come their way. When they combine all of these together, the road would be easy. On my part, I am just going to keep doing good music and keep bonding with my family. For me, I am just doing my own thing so I am not in competition with anyone. I am on my own lane and wouldn’t have it any other way,’’ he concludes.

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Exclusive: Confusion in Kwara PDP As Atunwa Insists On Quitting Race



Saraki’s ‘Good Boys’ On The Run Following Failure At The Polls

-Details Of Saraki’s Fall In Kwara

The last may not have been heard of the downfall of the erstwhile strongman of Kwara politics, who doubles as the President of the Nigerian Senate,  Dr. Bukola Saraki. 

Bukola Saraki’s years of political domination of Kwara State may soon suffer a final fall as the governorship and states houses of assemblies elections are about to hold all over the country.

It will be recalled that Senator Bukola Saraki was reportedly disgraced out of Ilorin, capital of Kwara State after the Saturday 23rd February 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections, where Saraki and all his anointed candidates lost their elective positions to the All Progressives Congress (APC). 

Senate President; Bukola Saraki

The shout of ‘otoge, otoge,’ meaning ‘it is enough’ was reportedly heard around Saraki as he was leaving Ilorin township after the election with sources saying that the son of the late political godfather of Kwara State, the late Senator Olusola Saraki, who also assumed the position of a godfather, has been demystified by the people of the north central state, who used to hold him and his family in high esteem. 

Reports coming from Kwara State indicated that there is confusion in the state chapter of the PDP as its governorship candidate, Razaq Atunwa has allegedly insisted on pulling out of the race owing to lack of funding of his campaign by the incumbent Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed, among other factors.

We gathered that the confusion deepened in the past few days as Ahmed made it clear he was not going to spend public funds to bankroll the campaign again as anti-graft agencies beamed increasing searchlight on the state government.

“At least three top officials of the state government — including finance commissioner Ademola Banu — have been arrested in connection with the N1bn loan recently obtained from bank and diverted to fund the presidential and National Assembly elections. 

“Ahmed is afraid that he might be arrested and prosecuted if public funds are found to have been used to run the election, the source said.

“The tension is worsened by the crushing of the PDP at the presidential and National Assembly elections on February 23, with Senator Bukola Saraki and all his cronies failing to win their seats.

“There are yet-to-be successful efforts to convince Atunwa to remain in the race. He is bitter that he has become like an orphan. “The governor no longer allows free money for the campaign while others are mocking him that he (Atunwa) is probably responsible for the bad luck the PDP has suffered,” according to a source.

“It is now common, even in government house, for people to say ‘odaye Atunwa’ for PDP to win. There is this suspicion that the Governor is working for APC because of his nonchalant attitude to the PDP campaign. And indeed the governor was bitter that he was maltreated during the primaries. 

“This is coupled with the fact that he was being blamed for everything,” said a source. 

Our source added that the Saraki camp is now split down the middle as Ahmed made it clear he was not going to be the fall guy anymore.

According to the source,  “the crisis actually deepened with the subtle rejection of Saraki by Ahmed  after the senatorial ticket was withdrawn from him. In what looked like open declaration of war, Ahmed removed his WhatsApp DP that contained his picture with Saraki and replaced it with a picture of himself and Buhari. This has continued to breed bad blood, even though he has since returned the picture.

“So Atunwa knows he has no chance at all this Saturday. Besides, he believes that stepping down may be the perfect face saving measure.”

We were reliably informed that there is also the unabated tension about the lack of support for Atunwa by the likes of a chieftain of the PDP in the state and former minister of sports,  Bolaji Abdullahi and many others who felt he had been imposed on them. 

“Besides, there is also palpable tension in the Saraki camp as several of his ‘good boys’ have gone underground after their leaders were flogged for making away with campaign funds.

“Top Saraki guys like Nasiru Subair and Auto were flogged for diverting money. Nasiru had his hands broken, while others were dealt with too

“Others have run away. Yet, there are many others who fear for their lives as security agencies have been asked to ensure anyone who will disrupt elections is taken down,” the source stated. 

There were also reports that the civil servants in Kwara State received fake salary alerts prior to the postponement of the aPresidential/National Assembly elections initially scheduled to hold on Saturday 16 February,  2019, but this was denied by sources in the state

We were also informed that there was no iota of truth in the news that some civil servants in the state were sacked over ‘otoge’ protest in the state. 

A staff of Kwara State Road Traffic Management Authority, Abdulrasaq Sulyman Saanu, who was reportedly sacked over an offensive posting against the government on the facebook, was said to have been recalled later.

It was revealed that a subsequent panel exonerated the man,  when he claimed the offensive post was by his son, and he was said to have been corrected by the panel which cleared him.

It was revealed that there is a procedure for staff discipline which wasn’t followed initially, and that instead of returning the initial  letter and collecting his letter of recall, the man  decided to hit the media.

The letter of recall was dated 28th February, 2019 and it was signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the agency. 

Sources in Kwara State revealed that the people of the state were preparing a flip side of the “disgrace and humiliation of Bukola Saraki” and that things would never remain the same in the state after “the end of the over 40 years colonisation and oppression of the people of Kwara State by Saraki Family.”

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