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‘You can’t compare Gumi to Nnamdi Kanu’ — Lai accuses IPOB leader of ‘inciting violence’



Lai Mohammed, minister of information, says the actions of Ahmed Gumi, popular Islamic cleric, cannot be compared to that of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

He stated this on Wednesday while speaking with state house correspondents in Abuja.

Mohammed was responding to a question on why Gumi — who has called for amnesty for bandits — has not been declared wanted by the federal government.

The minister, who noted that nobody appointed Gumi as spokesman for insurgents, said the cleric’s position is different from that of Kanu, adding that the IPOB leader has openly called for attacks on security operatives.

He noted there are many people “spewing hate” against President Muhamadu Buhari, adding if such people had been arrested, detention facilities would have been filled up.

“Who appointed Gumi middleman between government and Boko Haram? Listen, for me, unless you come and tell me this is what Gumi said that is inciting that you are comparing to Kanu…anyway what we’re discussing is different,” the minister said.

“We’re discussing Twitter. If you want to ask any question about Gumi or any other person, go ahead, but please, be objective.

“There are so many people who have been spewing hate against Mr. President, against this government. So, if you want to comment, be fair; don’t take a position which is not objective.

“If we were to pick up everybody today who had been abusing this administration, the detention centres will be filled up, and you will be the first person also to talk about lack of tolerance, lack of rule of law.

“But I’m saying that you cannot compare anybody with Kanu who boldly said, ‘go and kill policemen.’ I think sometimes…policemen are brothers; they are our uncles; they have children.

“[When they’re killed], their wives become widows, their children become orphans. And what is the offence of these policemen? Because they are working to keep the country one. What about soldiers that are putting down their lives so that me and you can sleep?

“It is not acceptable anywhere in the world for anybody, anywhere, to stay in the comfort of wherever he is and now give directives to go and kill soldiers, go and kill policemen.”