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YCYW Berths in Lagos



The Yoruba Council of Youth Worldwide, a non-govermental organisation with utmost interest in the promotion and orientation of “Omoluabi ethos”- meaning the core cultural values and good character upon which the Yoruba philosophy are pivoted is extending her participatory visibility and presence to help address all issues of concerns as it affects youth and all other Lagos residents as she sets out in full force to help maintain law and order vis-a-vis giving every Lagos residents a sense of belonging through her intended rotational activities from one local government to another within Lagos environ targeted towards the Youth in order to disabuse their mind and channel their energy towards ptoductive activities that will be individually beneficial and for the benefit of the society as a whole in line with Omoluabi ethos.

This intention was made known today Sunday, 15 August, in the first official meeting of the Lagos executive member of the Organisation in attendance with the President and Founder of the Organisation, Barr. Are Oladotun Hassan having emphasized that the impact of the Organisation is presently well felt in Oyo, Ogun and Osun as a result of partnership with the traditional rulers in different stratas of the communities including necessary Government Ministries as they engage the youth through dialogue that gives room for their quest to be heard with an assurance of possible solutions of channeling this quest to appropriate quarters which has been bringing reasonable result alongside engaging them in meaningful activities that instills the Omoluabi ethos, as a result, Lagos should not be exempted from this noble idea where Omoluabi ethos will dominate the conduct of every Youth that will metamorphose to the peace we all envisage in our larger society even at this time of height of insecurity and agitations threatening the unity of our nation.

Hence, the Organisation is offering herself to positively contribute to salvage the situation by employing every logical means through an effective engagement of the youth via healthy activities and dialogue in order to continue to move our nation forward in the interest of all.

By Olumide Benson.

Publicity Secretary YCYW.

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