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Woman shames her racist father on Twitter after he sent her letter threatening to disown her over ‘disgusting’ relationship with black man



A young woman has publicly shamed her racist father after he sent a letter saying her family would leave her homeless and never speak to her again if she continued to date a black man.

Stephanie Hicks from Keller, Texas, shared the vile note on Twitter in which she was told she had ‘disrespected her family in every way’ by having a boyfriend with a different skin colour to her.

The dad, who claimed to be a Christian, gave her a final ultimatum – saying there were three empty suitcases waiting for her belongings to be packed in if she stayed with her partner, called Nike.

The couple pictured kissing on Twitter. He said if she chose boyfriend Nike ‘over her family’ she would be homeless and he never wanted any contact with her again, asking her to change her name as he didn’t want to be associated with her

This is the letter that Stephanie posted to Twitter, having scribbled out some of the words. Her father wrote: He wrote: ‘While it may not be anti-biblical, I know I will never accept it, and I’ll never forgive you. My belief is that interracial relationships are despicable. Vulgar and reprehensible’

He wrote: ‘While it may not be anti-biblical, I know I will never accept it, and I’ll never forgive you. My belief is that interracial relationships are despicable. Vulgar and reprehensible.

‘There’s nothing worse than a half-black, and I’m crushed that my own daughter has entered into such a disgusting relationship.’

He went on to say that if he chose Nike ‘over her family’ he never wanted any contact with her again and asked her to change her name as he didn’t want to be associated with her.

Stephanie , thought to be 19, uploaded a snap of the vile letter to Twitter commenting ‘sad that it’s 2016 and skin colour still matters’, tagging her boyfriend.

She was met with overwhelming support and the post was retweeted more than 8,000 times and favourited by 7,000 people.

But she was also met with further abuse from racist users, and she has since deleted her account.

The letter from her father also read: ‘This isn’t easy, but you haven’t made it easy. Over the last several years, you’ve turned on everything that we tried to instill from childhood.

‘You’re nowhere near the daughter I thought you would be at this point, and I’m deeply broken-hearted.

‘You treat both of us with contempt. You’ve been using us for money, while disrespecting us in every way. You dress like a street walker, and you sulk when we take you to church. You have no respect for morals, and have abandoned any sense of righteousness.

‘Yes, we had this discussion – sort of – a while back. At that time, I hoped I would eventually take the high road and come to accept an interracial relationship.

‘The truth is that I’m human, and I make choices of my own.

In another Twitter post, Nike shares a photo of himself with Stephanie who he refers to as his ‘boo’

After Stephanie received the letter, Nike suggested that the couple should split as he didn’t want to ‘see her homeless’, but his girlfriend refused to give into her racist father

‘Mistakes can be forgiven, but you have willingly and consciously chosen a lifestyle of sickening choices, and I won’t tolerate it.

‘You have one final opportunity. Either end your relationship with Nike, or face the consequences.

‘There are three suitcases emptied and waiting. If you choose this black kid over your parents, then fill them up and leave my house.

‘Take my information out of your phone, and DO NOT attempt to contact me again, the rest of your life. Change your name as soon as possible, because I won’t have any association with you. Ever.’

Stephanie’s boyfriend later added a post on his Twitter account, reading: ‘My girl’s dad wrote that letter and once I read it I felt as though the mature thing to do was to end the relationship, I’m not about to see my girl homeless.’

But he said that Stephanie didn’t want to split and instead told her parents they had broken up, but when the post of her letter went viral her family realised they were still together.

It is not known whether her father followed through with his threat.

Messages of support for the pair have flooded in on Twitter.

Shonna White wrote: ‘Much love for standing up, Stephanie. You’re right, it’s 2016 and skin colour shouldn’t matter to anyone.’

Kaylee Casey said she was ‘really sorry’ she was having to go through the ordeal, and Terrense Lott added: ‘As long as you and her are happy together, that’s all that matters. Stay blessed.’

Mohammad Ali wrote: ‘In all seriousness though, I hope this is resolved somehow. Good luck guys, don’t let hatred tear you apart.’

Another user called Reece wrote: ‘That isn’t fatherly love…Take care of her bro.’

In response to the racist remarks which were seen after Stephanie shared her story, Phoebe Howland tweeted: ‘These responses are almost as disgusting as the letter itself. Praying for you both.’

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