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We Will Speak For PMB In The Fullness of Time – Joe Igbokwe



The shameless plunderers, the looting colonies, the unconscionable thieves and the unrepentant criminals who stole everything in sight in Nigeria in 16years are now talking tough, telling us how they plan to return to power in 2019. We see them every day pretending as if we have forgotten the rot they visited in the land in 16years. They maintain bold face or what a friend described as ‘whispering in the dark’ (fake courage) in the face of devastation and decimation they inflicted in the land of 180 million people. They stole what they do not need, they stole for themselves, stole for their children, their grandchildren, great grandchildren, and they stole for their girlfriends and concubines. PMB has collected trillions from them, houses worth trillions and cars and SUVs worth billions and yet they show no remorse. They pretend as if there was no yesterday, as if all of us have short memories. They mock us as if their fathers and fore fathers own Nigeria and others are mere foreigners. They talk as if we owe them apologies for the decimating and debasing the commonwealth. My friend tells me that the medicine man that placed this curse on them died with the antidote. If the medicine man did not die with the antidote, tell me where the fake boldness is coming from. Of what meat are they fed? Who is beating the drum for them? Where is the boldness coming from? Maybe we are a bunch of Never-do-wells, without sense of history, without understanding, without heads, without ideas, without knowledge, without life.

One of the unrepentant master of lies and deceit is the Former President Obasanjo who rode to power in 1999 by dancing on Chief M.K.O Abiola’s grave. Chief Abiola won a Presidential election on June 12 1993 but Obasanjo claimed he is not the Messiah. He encouraged those who annulled the historic elections to get away with it and incarcerated Abiola for 5 years and eventually killed him, and destroyed his huge business empire. Obasanjo later became the President in 1999 because South West had to be appeased and compensated for the June 12 saga that claimed thousands of lives.

Now, how OBJ ruled Nigeria for 8years, with his Deputy, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is another big story. While in office for 8years Obasanjo could not recognize Chief MKO Abiola or make an attempt to immortalize his name. The wicked and shameless reprobate never mentioned Abiola’s name even in any discussion or conversation. The ingrate did not remember his collapsed business and the totally devastated family. Not even a single project was built in the South West by Obasanjo in 8years and not even the road leading to his farm in Otta Ogun State was fixed. Instead he deliberately punished South West for 8years for not voting for him in 1999.

Obasanjo seized Lagos LGA allocations for years until the late President Yar’Adua came in to release the funds. Obasanjo could not find the killers of Chief Bola Ige, his Attorney General. Even those accused of having a hand in the murder were set free. One of them Iyiola Omisore was even crowned a Senator from prison. Obasanjo wasted 8years in office which Yoruba would have used to reposition Nigeria. While in office Obasanjo set up Bells University and extorted money from Nigerians to build a Presidential library. At a time Obasanjo threatened that if he had his way he will throw Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu out of a moving aircraft. Time and space will not permit me to narrate all the atrocities he committed and how he converted Aso Rock to a brothel.

This is the man who wants President Buhari, who is very busy and breaking his back to fix a battered nation OBJ and his co-travelers left behind to go.

PMB is busy fixing the rot they left behind, healing the wounded country and wiping away tears from the eyes of the offended. While PMB is busy rebuilding Nigeria, the looting gang led by Obasanjo and Atiku are busy encouraging killers across Nigeria just to get at PMB. But we still remember Odi and Zaki Ibiam massacre. Worsted by PMB left and right, front and back, up and down Obasanjo has been running helter-skelter to harass a sitting President, but all to no avail.

He wrote letter to PMB not to run in 2019 thinking that he will be supported and instead he got public opprobrium and condemnation. He formed the so-called 3rd force and it collapsed like a pack of cards. He went to Olu Falea’s SDP and they rejected him for his bad behavior, selfishness, intransigence, and clannishness. He went to form alliance with ADC and it not fly because the pilot is incompetent. He sponsored the Red Card Movement and it failed also because he cannot be trusted. He accuses, blackmails, insults and intimidates and all that did not work. He tried every trick known and unknown to whittle down PMB’s towering image, but all to no avail. Recently, OBJ took the matter to God and said “God will Remove PMB the way he removed Abacha”. Now, does he want PMB to be killed? For fixing Nigeria? For recognizing Abiola? For fixing Ajaokuta Steel Complex, the power sector, second Niger Bridge, 450 Federal Roads, for cleaning Ogoni land, for fixing the rail projects across Nigeria? For jailing the corrupt entities and seizing their property? For healing the wounds of 40years? For bringing justice to all or planning to bring back the National carrier? For financial prudence, discipline and incorruptibility? I can go on and on.

The other day, his Deputy Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was in Bayelsa to campaign and I watched him talk about insecurity, division in the land, economy and others. He thought we have forgotten. Atiku has been part of the problem, part of the looting gang and part of those who crushed and decimated our yesterday. Atiku who want to rule Nigeria cannot travel to the United States of America for fear of facing corruption charges. Atiku’s hands are tired in every ugly deal in Nigeria right from his days in the customs to his exploits at Intel, Nigeria. In the fullness of time, we will say it all.

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