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The outcome of the APC primary gave those in the West and Central something to cheer about in that we have been shown that rather than the vilified Igalas, the people from the other two senatorial districts are the ones keeping themselves in bondage. This has punctured the dubious submission of both Audu and Wada to allow them continue the deficient and profligate leadership we have endured under their ignoble watch and that of their kindred, Ibro so that they will pity us and hand power over to other zones on a platter. The results have shown clearly that our neighbours from the Central are more astute than those of Okunland despite being the least in terms of population and local government areas.

From the reactions I have received so far, majority of our people cannot wait till 2019 for the promise of a concessional shift that might be another hoax or which will not be in the collective interest of the people. For any group of individuals from the two marginalized zones to sheepishly accept to be dashed power shift later is not only crass but craven because from whatever angle this is viewed, resigning ourselves to another four years of deficient leadership is really not an option worth considering. The struggle for power shift can no longer be postponed because it’s long overdue and any attempt to hoodwink the people again is an idea that is dead on being mooted. We must maintain the momentum because there is no guarantee we will have a circumstance as favourable as we have now in the future.

The only reasonable option left is to rally round any credible candidate with the courage, zeal, determination and wherewithal to continue this struggle and see it to a successful end on the platform of another political party. We must not allow a motley crowd of less than 4,000 persons to give effect to the perpetuation of servitude and suffering in Kogi State. The present political dispensation has precedence on issues like this; Olusegun Mimiko with determination and support of his people succeeded because he dared. Owelle Okorocha achieved a similar feat in Imo State. Are we in short supply of men of courage to deliver their people from the rot Kogi State is presently in?

We the people also have a vital role to play if this must end in joy; yes there is poverty but we have not been robbed of our ability for rational thinking. With the benefit of hindsight, Kogi State will get worse than it presently is in terms commerce, infrastructures and security if we allow Wada to continue or Audu to return for the second part of his looting spree. The situation presently is bad and a grimmer scenario is better imagined than experienced. But to make this happen, we need a generational shift because most of our elders that have clawed their way into relevant positions in partisan politics have demonstrated they are not concerned with achieving sufficiency for our people but interested only in superfluity for themselves; they don’t give a damn and don’t really care about us. Its up to us to decide if we want to be free now or later.

-Aiyenigba Olalekan