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Video released of Glasgow teenager left in wheelchair after ‘ecstasy party’



A video of a teenage girl who was left in a coma after taking the ecstasy-like drug MDMA has been released by her family.

Amy Thomson’s life changed dramatically after she collapsed at a party in Glasgow in June and remained critically ill in hospital for a month.

Doctors were slowly able to stabilise the 16-year-old and in August she was transferred to a specialist rehabilitation unit for people with brain injuries.


The footage shows the effect the pill has had on Amy as she is sat in a garden in her wheelchair, saying: “Thank you, thank you everyone”.

The video was posted on the Facebook page Support for Amy, which has over 4,000 likes.

Some of Amy’s friends, who had not seen her since she collapsed at the house party, welcomed the video but said it had upset them to see Amy in such a different way.

Responding to people’s reactions to the video, a post on the page by her cousin Kayla said: “Some people may have cried, laughed or being shocked seeing the video.

“But this is what a tiny pill can do to you. Amy won’t be like this for the rest of her life, she’s getting the best care and support.

“If this isn’t an eye opener for everyone who continues to take stuff, I dunno what is!”

Annie, Amy’s auntie, wrote: “This video likely shocked some people, but it’s not sad.

“Yes she’s in a wheelchair at the moment and her speech is impaired but she will keep improving.

“I’ve no doubt that she’ll lead a full and happy life.”

The Mail Online reported that despite the drug seriously damaging the young girl’s brain, Amy’s family believe that, with the continued help of medics, she can continue to make progress.

A 33-year-old man and two women, aged 17 and 18, were arrested for alleged drug offences after Amy collapsed on June 10.

Police and doctors have repeatedly warned the public about the threat posed by MDMA.

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