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Ugly Reactions Trail Mohammadu Indimi’s Controversial Twin Daughters’ Attack On Buhari’s Govt On Social Media



For the embattled Chairman of Oriental Energy, Alhaji Muhammadu Indimi, it is definitely not the best of times.

While facing a case of unpaid mounting debt portfolio which has led to the freezing of the account of the family’s cash cow, which should be of great concerns to the children, that doesn’t seem to be breaking any sweat with two or three of the daughters who delight in washing dirty linens in public.

While the public look up to the family to serve as mentors to millions of Nigeria, it appeared the opposite is now the case.

The controversial twins, Ameen, Yakata and Zahra, Ya’ Gumsu Indimi of the daughters of the billionaire have lately renewed their habit of criticising the family of President Muhammadu Buhari on the social media which earned them an embargo from the, Friday 16th December 2016 wedding of their brother, Ahmed to Zahra, Buhari’s daughter.

Some friends and followers of the twins on the social media now wonder why they delight in attacking and mocking every step of the government on the social media

“While I would not deny the fact that they have a right to criticise the government as a citizen of the nation, they however ought to understand that the families of Buhari and Indimi are one by marriage and that some issues ought to be taken as family affairs for the sake of the future,” said an observer and commentator, who gave his name as Olu Adewale.

This was corroborated by another social media user, Godwin Joseph, who said that such actions are not acceptable from someone whose brother is married to a daughter of the president.

Joseph added that much is expected from the Indimis, adding that going to the social media over family matters has become the habit of the family.

The first soar point between the Indimi girls, the twins and the ex-wife of Mohammed Babangida, Rahama occurred during the 2016 wedding, when the three girls reportedly caused a major embarrassment during the introduction/ lefe ceremony.

Yakata had insisted on taking her phone into the presidential villa against protocol, she wanted to record all the proceedings, a struggle ensued between her and security officials who tried to stop her and only took the intervention of Mrs Al Makura to abate. That day, the girls were said to have said unprintable things about the Buhari family.

So, the latest social media onslaught against the family of President Muhammadu Buhari from one of the Indimi twins is said to have got to the first family as an embarrassment and has become a source of worry to observers of events.

The lady, whose video has gone viral on the social media, said “yesterday, we saw the video of the train victims. All I know is that all of you in power, God will judge you. I feel for the victims, I feel for their families. I don’t know any single person there, but I’m devastated. May Allah protect us, protect our families and our country. May Allah give us a president that will love our families, that will love our country. This is not it. This is not it.”

While observers are saying that this is not a bad message in itself, they said that she ought to have made her reservations known to the president or get across to him through her brother, Ahmed “rather than going public with such message as an in-law of the president.

They insisted that “she shot herself and her family on the leg by passing such message in public.”

Perhaps this is running in the blood of the family as the estranged wife of Mohammed Babangida, a son of former military president, Ibrahim Babangida, Rahama Indimi attacked Mohammed on her instagram page on Father’s Day, where she systematically cast aspersion on her former hubby.

The latest social media onslaught by Rahama against her ex-hubby is said to be part of what she has been consistently displaying against “anyone in her bad books no matter how close.”

The message, which was apparently meant to describe Mohammed as a bad father, was condemned by many, who came across it, who said that it was a way of opening an old wound after Rahma’s separation from Mohammed with whom she had four children.

This was least expected of Rahama as her father, Mohammed Indimi, billionaire owner of Oriental Oil Company, was assisted by Ibrahim Babangida, when the latter held sway as the number one citizen of the country.

Rahma had posted that “Happy Father’s Day to my baby daddy. Here is wishing you more understanding to what being a father is all about. I wish you to be a better dad by listening to our kids, by communicating with our kids, by understanding each of their personalities. Being a dad is just not about being a figure head. It is a lot more than people think. Please, let’s do better by our children. Happy Father’s Day to you, to me to all the fathers out there and the mothers that do it alone. May Allah prevail us all. Ameen yarabb.”

One of the early comments about the post was that of her follower, who said “Attention seeker! Witch, may Allah heal you.”

The message was later followed by a deluge of comments with people describing the Indimis as ingrates.

“Don’t you see the way the Indimi daughters criticise President Muhammadu Buhari openly despite the fact that their elder brother is an in-law to the President as the husband of Zahra Buhari, a daughter of the president.

“They have become nuisance and nobody takes them serious again. They need to be cautioned to know how to behave and relate with people,” said a source.

According to observers, Rahama and her sisters are birds of a feather, who take delight in biting the fingers that fed them.

Rahma was accused of blackmailing her estranged husband, “despite the fact that he took good care of her, when the going was good, before she decided to leave the marriage.”

Those, who came across the latest video from an Indimi are worried that the daughters of the embattled billionaire “will soon drive their father out of reckoning with their uncouth behaviour.”

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