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UAH: My Game Plan For Ifako-Ijaiye



The APC candidate in the forthcoming local Government chairmanship election in the Ifako-Ijaiye local Government area, Prince Usman Akanbi Hamzat, UAH, last Sunday unveiled his HEEDS Agenda.

Prince Hamzat, who is also the incumbent vice chairman of the council, unveiled the programme at a glittering ceremony held at theheadquarters of the Ifako-Ijaiye LG on College road, Ogba, Lagos.

The event, attended by stakeholders, party chiefs, traditional rulers, religious leaders and other well-wishers, was put together to present the candidates political agenda, titled HEEDS, which is the acronym of ‘Health, Sports and Environment, Education and Technology, Empowerment of Youth, Women and the Aged, Development of Infrastructures, Sustainable Initiatives, Good Governance and Security.

Prince Usma Akanbi Hamzat, APC chairmanship candidate and his Vice chairmanship candidate,Mrs Oluwatoyin Awoniyi Akerele, with the N.E.E.D.S Blueprint at the event.

According to Prince Usman, the HEEDS Agenda represents his ‘5 Circles of Development’, with which he plans to drive his programmein the seven wards of the Local Government Area. The HEEDS ‘Blueprint For A Greater Ifako-Ijaiye’, spells out in great details, elaborate programmes designed to develop all the council areas.

Speaking at the occasion, Prince Hamzat outlined his Health programme, saying; “Our plan is to build more Primary Health Centresin some communities, in order to solve the problems of accessibility to health care services in Ifako-Ijaiye. Basically, we will build new health centres such that every ward in Ifako-Ijaiye has equal access to PHC’s. We will also make available free drugs in all PHC’s for women and children. On staffing, we have put forth plans to partner with National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), getting Corp members to complement the staff strength across all our PHC’s”.

Hamzat’s Vice Chairmanship candidate, Mrs. Oluwatoyin AwoniyiAkerele, spoke on Education and Technology, and she stated; “On assumption of office, we will launch and make available for public use, the official website of the Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government. This is aimed at promoting transparency, access to information and effective communication with the public, especially Ifako-Ijaiye residents, ideal policies which our administration will uphold”.

Prince Hamzat, explaining that his administration is youth-focusedsaid further. “One of our administrative policies will be building capacities of young entrepreneurs, hence our plan to establish FKJ Entrepreneurship Trust Fund (FKJ-ETF). This initiative will be a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model wherein we galvanize funds from all relevant sectors to develop entrepreneurial skills of residents in Ifako-Ijaiye, after due process of screening and pitching of ideas.

The FKJ-ETF will also identify creativity and ingenuity amongst entrepreneurs in the Local Government. Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government. Ifako-Ijaiye has lots of talents in academics, entertainment, sports, technological and other spheres of life. As such, we will organize an Annual Ifako-Ijaiye Talent Hunt programme, wherein unidentified and potential talents will be identified and supported for purposeful growth”.

The development of Infrastructure, according to the APC, is of top priority in his plan. “Owing to the infrastructural deficit in Ifako-Ijaiye, our plan is to open up sporadic infrastructural development across the Local government. We will embark on road construction and rehabilitation alongside drainages in all wards of the Local Government annually (at least one-road-per-ward), by engaging contractors while facilitating other through the State Governmentsintervention. We will also rehabilitate and equip our primary schools across the Local Government with the required, and will make them compliant with modern trends in educational standard“.

Finally, Prince Usman rounded up his presentation with the segment on Sustainable Initiative, Good Governance and Security, said; “This is the core policy of our administration which other parts of our vision for a Greater Ifako-Ijaiye centre on. Here, we will ensure sustain plans for our programmes, projects and initiatives. Our blueprint for a Greater Ifako-Ijaiye has been well researched, formulated and drafted, such that it ensures effective implementation of Sustainable initiative plans.

In our bid to run a transparent and all-inclusive government, we will organize an Interactive Session (within 3 days in office) with community leaders, youth groups, student leaders, civil servants, CSO’s, NGO’s, corporate organizations, political stalwarts and other stakeholders. This event will take note of important submissions by participants towards commencing implementation of our administrative policies. We are committed to ensuring effective implementation of our UAH H.E.E.DS’ Agenda for a Greater Ifako-Ijaiye”.

The APC candidate left no one in doubt that he’d prepared for the challenges of lifting Ifako-Ijaiye to greater heights with his comprehensive HEEDS Blueprint.

The Local Government election come up this Saturday, July 24, in Lagos State.


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