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Two Men And Two Visions For The Future!



Recently, Governor Soludo told Vice President Yemi Osinbajo that erosion has taken over 40% of Anambra State while requesting for Federal Government help.

Anambra is the same state a man governed for 8years where he was saving money in bank while erosion destroyed lives and ravaged the people. A man who was governor of that state for 8 years and did nothing to combat erosion is now telling us to give him Nigeria to run. Erosion problem that has taken over 40% of a state is certainly not a problem that started 8years ago.

Another man was governor when Atlantic ocean surge was destroying a prime part of his state and threatening to wash away Victoria Island. It was a perennial annual problem that defied solution and palliatives decades before this other man became governor in 1999. He sat down and conceived a better and permanent solution on how to turn a huge liability to asset. He constructed 8 kilometres seashore protection, invited private sector partner and reclaimed 10 million square metres from sea to build a new city called Eko Atlantic City – a brand new city that has been described as one of the civil engineering wonders of the world.

Between these two men who seek to be President of Nigeria, who offers a better vision for governing a society and solving human problems? The one who saved money in bank while people perish or the one who saved lives, properties and created wealth for people?

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