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Twitter war: Atiku accuses APC of buying PVCs from voters; angry Buhari supporters fire back



A Twitter war erupted on the wall of former Vice President and Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar on Wednesday as angry supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its Presidential Candidate,  Muhammadu Buhari returned the favour after Atiku accused the APC of buying up PVCs from voters.

In a post, Atiku had alleged, “This is what the APC are doing. They are buying PVCs, they will come to you and give you N10, N20, N50 to buy your PVC – they are buying your future. Do you want to sell your future? Don’t sell your PVCs because they are going to use it against you. #PDPNorthCentralRally.”

Adam Madi @Senatoradam responded, saying “Sir,

Why are u campaigning against yourself??? This is exactly u, we all (know) that is u. Please how did u get to become the flag bearer of PDP at Port Harcourt?”

Bolarinwa Idowu @idbola57 added defiantly:

“I pledge to Buhari my President

To be faithful loyal and honest

To stand with him in 2019 Election and beyond

To campaign for him with all my strength

To defend his dignity and

Thumbs up a honor at him

So help me God. Aameen.”

Swende Bem @BemSwende said,  “We are voting Buhari without any inducement.”

@aleesarny wrote: “@atiku papa I am a vice chairman of a forum with over 4000 members, and we have not been approach(ed) by anyone regarding dis issue are you sure what you ar saying is true.”

Richboy @Fa4our said, “The same man that dollarlized delegates during the PDP presidential primaries is talking. You have moral codes that you don’t follow.”

Friday Ochuko @ochukoagbadrasa said, “He (Atiku) will pauperise Nigeria. He will sell more of govt property.”

@Prinz_Ahmad wrote: “I reason this pastedGraphic.png

Continuing his attacks on President Buhari and the APC, Atiku also wrote on his Twitter handle on Wednesday, “In terms of corruption, Nigeria is worse of(f) today than we were in 2014. In terms of economy, we are the poorest country in the world today. In terms of insecurity, we are most insecure than at any other time in our history.

“Today we have listened to the failures of the APC government since 2015 till today. There is nothing they have not promised us, they promised us security, jobs and better economy, they failed. Whatever they promised, they failed.

“It is time to return Nigeria to PDP, because the best years of this country was when the PDP was governing our country from 1999-2015. #PDPNorthCentralRally #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain.”

Irene Eva @ewa_irene wrote, “Sir if they gimme 2 million for my PVC I’ll collect it and use the money for visa to Canada @APCNigeria Please comman buy my PVC.”

Remi @remi57134824 in his contribution said, “U are actually under-stating how much APC pays. APC pays at least N1,000 per PVC but I know u paid so much more in PH. U see, I advise that u should not throw stones, U are living in a glass house.”

Smalleesha @ayershacool19 added another dimension when she alleged that “Unfortunately for you, people are going round town collecting people’s bank details, including their ATM numbers, promising to send them 30k, saying they are part of your campaign team. If I were you I would come out and debunk this before it’s too late.” Continuing, she said “Because by the time the(y) defraud people, it is you who is going to be blamed.”

@omolayoogunmeru asked rhetorically, “If you are in a room with only Atiku and Buhari and you discover your wallet is missing, who will you suspect took it?”

@okafor_larry was among the first set of Atiku supporters to find their voices after a massive bashing of their candidate on his own Twitter handle. “Don’t mind those people, @atiku will perform better than Buhari even on wheel chair . @atikuObi is the best solution to Nigeria problems.”

Daniel Bode @idanbode wrote, “Sir, keep any evidence and further evidence during the election. You are a powerful man and reason why Nigerians are relying on you to rescue them from tyranny combined with cluelessness. Any form of rigging should be challenged at all cost.”

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