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The Return Of Senator Basheer Garba Mohammed To Kano Senatorial Race 



By Erasmus Ikhide 

A FEW days from now, the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) delegates in Kano State Central Senatorial District would have made a valid choice between former Senator Basheer Garba Mohammed and Abdulsalam Sale Abdulkarim, popularly known as AA Zaura. The contest is going to be a choice between light and darkness, between hope and hopelessness, between development and backwardness – and most importantly – between acceptable leadership and a falsed one.

The APC and President Muhammadu Buhari which came to power in 2015/2019, respectively on the mantra of extinguishing corruption on our body polity as its major campaign thrust will no doubt earn the respect of everyone if people if criminal elements are prevented from soiling the reputation of the party and President Buhari’s avowed commitment to eradicate corruption, wholesale. Beside, Nigerians are in doubt about the kind of legislation people with criminal records would be proposing at the Senate. If politicians cunningly defraud a local and foreign nationals without providing the services paid for, then such politicians are capable of knowingly legislating corruption into the nation’s constitution. 

That is why the APC delegates in Kano Central Senatorial District have a choice. The re-emergence of Senator Lado into the political arena, a rare bred individual into the senatorial political turf of Kano State  calls for utmost celebration for those who knew him for his clarity of ideals, unassailable wisdom and seminar thoughts in legislative business and  leadership acumen and accuracy in governance. Senator Lado is a man of many part that dots, dominates and illuminates any parts he crosses. An average Kano person can attest to his unassuming and dispassionate world views when it comes to purposeful governance, human capacity building, societal peace and stability. 

Distinguished Senator Lado is an amiable personage of repute. His re-entrance into the APC Senate race is reverberating with positive signals across Kano Central political space with positive responses from those who are calling on him for a ‘Rescue Mission’. Having toiled tirelessly for others in the party to emerge victorious in several political campaigns in every way, this weekend is certainly a pay back time for him as a globally acknowledged parliamentarian of note. 

Born 16th of October 1966 in Kano, Senator Lado who bagged a degree in Political Science at the Bayero University, Kano State between 1984-1988 is a political scientist, visionary leader, humanitarian and philanthropist with decades of experience, developing national policies and frameworks towards the benefit of Nigerian citizenry. His historical achievements span over twenty-five years in both public and private sectors transforming politics, construction and the use of effective project management leading to progressive outcomes. He has proven his high performance with high levels of discipline as a team player and an influencer, possessing excellent communication wizardry, negotiation and interpersonal skills which have developed positive relationships that both influence and engage stakeholders at various levels as an elected Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and as a Presidential appointee and Public Servant in the past. President Muhammadu Buhari in 2021 appointed Senator Lado as the Director General of the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) with several other political appointments in the last seven years of the APC administration. 

There’s no doubt that Senator Lado is the beautiful bride in the APC Central Senatorial race. A singed letter by President Muhammadu Buhari acknowledging Senator Lado’ stellar achievements, human quality and extraordinary leadership excellence speaks volumes.

“I was most delighted to receive your letter informing me of your impending decision to formally declare for our great Party,  APC. Furthermore, I’m very encouraged to learn that your bringing thousands of new supporters into the fold. We’re expecting millions to join us in the next few months from all parts of the country. 

“I would have very much welcomed another opportunity to be Kano but due to conflict of engagements, I am due on that day in Addis Ababa for an important African Union meeting which was scheduled months ago. I hope I shall have the pleasure of welcoming you to the Presidential Villa in the near future. I wish the event turns out a resounding success”, President Muhammadu Buhari wrote. 

For him to be appointed by President Buhari in to the presidential campaign council as his director of contact and mobilization for the North shows a high level of trust and confidence that the president has for him. Kano Central Senatorial District in particular and Nigeria at large will be lucky to have Senator Lado back in the red chambers in this era of misplaced opportunities and aborted chances. 

Erasmus Ikhide wrote in from Lagos Nigeria and can be reached via:

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