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The 5G Debate And Theorists



  1. I don’t know why those linking 5G to covid-19 are so sure. But for me, I don’t understand the connection. Doesn’t seem plausible to me. But wetin I know.
  2. The vaccine issue is complex. When it comes to drug information,the politics often exceed the science. Even things as “harmless” as anti hypertensives. You will be surprised that many scientists argue that the facts are being skewed to enable big multinational pharmaceutical firms to continue to make billions. Also, the vaccine thing is a multi billion dollar business. People can just be spreading stuff to damage whoever is ahead in the research, until they themselves can get into the business. However, there’s been evidence of deployment of vaccines as bio weapons in the past. Remember the case of Palestinian girls who got some vaccines at childhood and bcm barren as adults. So, a lot is possible. I read a report about dirty secrets of vaccine use about 22 years ago. I almost stopped my daughter from containing the vaccination regime.
  3. On the chip issue, there’s a proposal of digital certificate, a chip to indicate a person is vaccinated against some plagues. The concern of some Christian leaders is that some of those pushing for this are known satanists and new age ideologues who believe in a new world order devoid of the nuisance of religion. In attempting to warn of the danger posed by these Luciferians, I guess people are mixing up things and making quite absurd embarrassingly unscientific claims.

My poor take.
Sola Are, Akungba.ondo state.