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Suleman The Superman by Bamidele Temitope Johnson.



Johnson Suleman sure has a licit claim to be listed among the three most revolting preachers on the Nigerian Pentecostal landscape. He’s next level obnoxious, skating from one controversy to the other with one daft lie after the other and a long string of moronic self-promotion schemes-all hungrily gobbled by his lobotomised followers.

The latest instalment is the “miracle alert” tripe with which he sought to con followers by pretending he got angels to credit their bank accounts with various sums of money. It doesn’t require enornous brain power to figure that the miracle alert was bollocks.

Suleman had claimed in video of one of his crusades that the Holy Spirit whispered something to him and he prayed and made declarations for for followers’ accounts to be credited with various sums starting from $1000.

He’s already been branded a fraud by a YouTuber, who said it was a pre-arranged scheme by Suleman to have his lieutenants obtain bank details of followers and credit their accounts.

The goal, said the YouTuber, is to, in the nearest future, recoup his investment (that’s what it is)by asking for double the amounts received. Of course, he’d say the Holy Ghost whispered or sent a WhatsApp message to him.

For his inability to button up his lips, the YouTuber said his life has come under threat by Suleman’s followers. I don’t, can’t and won’t doubt him.

Suleman, not long ago, threatened to make an accuser disappear. He later walked back on his threat. He also said he wished Covid-19 would continue ravaging the world because it was during the lockdown that he made most money and bought the third of his private jets. As with the former example, heavy public criticism forced him into a retraction of the inanity.

Before then, he’d claimed to have made a pastor of his church in Germany travel without a flight ticket, passport or visa to France from the airport toilet.

Suleman thinks of himself as Christ’s Superman, one to whom life’s conventions don’t apply. I wonder why a man who makes people travel through toilets needs private jets. I also wonder why he can’t declare a restoration of his half-receded hair. He probably loves baldness or his wife finds it a turn-on.

But it’s strange that the Holy Spirit finds a man as uncouth as he is and a blatant liar such a fantastic chat mate. I doubt if there’s a preacher with more fecund imagination for nursery playground-level lies.

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