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Subomi Balogun’s Shocking Revelation



First City Monument Bank chairman, Otunba Subomi Balogun made a shocking revelation recently… “I organise this prayer programme because I am the Asiwaju of Ijebu Christians. The tradition I met when I took over from the first Asiwaju of Ijebu Christians was that annually Christians and even Muslims would start the new year by going to offer prayers in the house of the Awujale and after that they would come to the house of the Asiwaju.

“The significance is to give an opportunity for the Asiwaju to join everybody in thanking God for what He has done for all of us in the year before and asking him to continue to guard and take care of us in the New Year. I think that its significance is not just for Christians, but for all people. The Yoruba say if you give thanks for the favour done in the past, then you will receive more favours.”

“So, the essence is that I have invited all Christians and friends. Some Muslims, too, joined me in thanking God for protecting us, providing us with everything and in giving us good health. We can now expect that the same Good Lord will continue to be with us for the New Year. So, it is not just a religious thing, it is something that has become habitual. When God has done something for us, we should go back and give thanks and that will encourage the Good Lord to continue to help us.”

“There are many Ijebus and if God singled me out and made me what I am, who am I? It is in appreciation of the unique endowment the Good Lord made to me that I do whatever I do. I am not the only Ijebu to be a lawyer, I am not the only Ijebu to be a banker, I am not the only Ijebu to be made Otunba, I am not the only Ijebu to be anything.”

“There are all kinds of birds flying in the air, but the eagle is the king of all birds. So, when we pray as Christians, we say God should renew our energy like that of the eagle. The motivation is that God has been very kind to me. He made me what I am and, in return, I am doing what I am doing.”

“It is the grace of God that keeps me fit. You probably will notice that whenever I am in a gathering, the musician will start playing the tune Nipa ife Olugbala ki yo si nkankan, (which means by the love of the Saviour, there shall be no evil). I believe it is the good Lord that is protecting me and, as such, I am always glad to sing that song.”

“But it is more than that. I am a child of God and I believe fervently in it. So I have turned all my needs to the good Lord. One of the benefits is that at 84 I look like anyone of you. If you get me to run 100 meters with you, I am not sure many of you will beat me. I do a lot of walking and I also swim. In every home of mine, you will find a swimming pool. I am particularly grateful to God that, even at 84, I am agile and still active cerebrally.”

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