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Sponsors Of Boko Haram Will Be Exposed, 5 Three Artistes Will Pass On -Prophet Lanre Adebesin



Year 2015 is one year Nigerians looked forward to with much enthusiasm. Apart from being an election year, not a few Nigerians expect that there would be some respite in the year and that their pains of many years would give way for a new beginning.
However, a respected man of God, Prophet Lanre Adebesin of Fresh Anointing Ministry has come out with some damning and interesting revelations about the year.
According to him, one prominent monarch from the east will pass on, while one provincial emir will be killed by Boko Haram.
He said that Boko Haram will go after prominent Nigerians and that sponsors of the deadly sect would be exposed, adding that the group would spread to neighbouring countries.
“Some Chibok Girls would become pregnant, while some would be sold. Some would be used as shield and I can tell you that some of them are mentally ill now, some are dead and only few are alive. Book Haram will still abduct more girls, three artistes will pass on. Naira will slide and this will cause inflation. Car prices will shoot up seriously and cholera and Lassa Fever would be on the increase,” he said.
The man of God, who is notable for his accurate predictions, added that France will witness terrorist attacks. He said that England and Saudi Arabia might witness terror attack, and that the United States of America would have her first female president after President Barack Obama.
He said that China and Japan should pray against plane crash and that plane crash would be averted in Kaduna and Kano and that there would be fire outbreak in Onitsha, Alaba, Dugbe while three markets in Lagos will witness fire outbreak.
“There would be cure for Ebola virus and another strange illness will spring up in some African countries. Earthquake, typhoon, hurricane would occur and people would resort to vampire (use of the spirit to win elections). There would be much corruption and it will affect the economy. Nigerians would have more economic hardship and terrorism would increase in Africa, but Nigeria would bounce back in sports. There would be more carpet-crossing amongst politicians. Lagos will be controlled by APC, but the margin will be small,” he said.
The prophet revealed further that APC would win Sokoto, and Ogun States, while the election in Kaduna State would be inconclusive, which he said would lead to protests.
He said that some of our leaders such as Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (Rtd.), former president Shehu Musa Shagari and others need prayers to survive the year.
According to him, “Queen of England needs prayers, power supply will not improve in Nigeria, Ireland will agitate for freedom from the United Kingdom, but it will fail, there would be more attacks on Israel, but they would be strong. Niger Delta militants would strike again, ritual killers kidnappers, assassins will multiply. I can see untimely death in Aso Rock. Many ritual dens will be uncovered and Cameroun will be attacked by terrorists and it will destabilize the country.”
Prophet Adebesin said that there would be uprising/ethnic crisis from the February 2015 elections and that there would be killings and political instability, while more terror groups would spring up.
He also revealed that three actresses would need prayers to survive the year and that two governors would be hit by strange illnesses.
“There would be cases of impeachment against six governors and the 2015 elections would be inconclusive. Three politicians would win, but the court would upturn the result of the election of one Governor. Two prominent leaders of the Cherubim and Seraphim need prayers to survive. A popular Pentecostal pastor will pass on. God’s judgment is coming on some political office holders. Many fake prophets would die, while some churches will fold up,” he stated.
Talking about Christians, the renowned prophet said that 2015 will be a year of refuge and fortress and that the righteous will flourish and shine, while there will be divine restoration.
Against the belief of many people, Prophet Adebesin revealed that Nigeria will not split, and he enjoined the people to unite, stop corruption and be prayerful, adding that after darkness there would be light in Nigeria. “Despite all, God loves Nigeria, it will survive,” he said.

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