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South Africa commends Buhari’s anti-corruption war



The South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr. Lulu Mnguni, on Friday commended President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration efforts at fighting corruption.

Mnguni stated this in Lagos, adding that the president’s efforts would not only enhance the country’s overall development, but also positively reposition the image of Africa globally.

According to him, it was imperative for Nigerians to support Buhari’s administration’s ongoing effort at fighting corruption.

Mnguni said: “We strongly appreciate the role President Buhari in trying to play in creating an environment that is corruption-free in Nigeria.

“Obviously, Buhari’s commitment to fighting corruption in the country will attract more investors and development to Nigeria.

“We all need to know that it is no longer for self-serving but that the time has come for politicians to serve the people.

“We all must know that Africa as a continent is always being condemned for our inability to fight corruption.”

The South African envoy expressed optimism that Nigeria’s ability to fight corruption would also reduce corrupt practices in other African countries.

The High Commissioner also restated his government’s resolve to strengthening its, “strategic partnership” with Nigeria in the years ahead.

“We strongly believe that when things work in Nigeria, they will also work in our own South Africa.

“South Africa will always see Nigeria as her strategic partner,” he said

Source: DailyPost