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Sex Role Is My Most Challenging As An Actress –Oma Iyasara



Popular actress, Oma Iyasara, who joined Nollywood in 2011, is now a force to reckon with in the industry She has featured in many movies and acted with big names like Hol¬lywood star, Hakeen Kae-Ka¬zeem and screen diva, Omo¬tola Jalade-Ekeinde.
In this interview, Oma talks about acting and her ex¬perience in the industry.

I can see a tattoo on your arm, how many do you have?
I love tattoos. I have just two, one on my arm and the other on my shoulder.

People tattoo very private parts of their bodies with images of their loved ones, could you do that?
No, I am not that extreme. Life has taught me so many lessons and I wouldn’t want to make mistakes. What if I tattoo my husband’s name on my body and tomorrow he dumps me for another woman?

Talking about love, it seems you’ve been through a rough time?
No, not really. But I have heard stories, so I am very careful.

How did you come into Nollywood?
Growing up, I have al¬ways loved TV, So, during 2011 (ASUU) Academic Staff Union of Universities strike, instead of sitting at home, I attended Emem Isong’s Royal Arts Academy. During the pro¬gramme, I met a lot of directors and did auditions, and that was how I got my first role in Uche Jombo’s Damage where I acted the role of a doctor. I was also in Last Flight to Abuja with Omo¬tola Jalade-Ekeinde.

What was it like acting alongside Omosexy?
It was great! It felt good to see and work with her, and be in the same room with her. However, Hakeem Kae-Ka¬zeem was closer to me. We bonded more with Hakeem because he was always with us on set. But then, Omotola always en¬couraged everybody.

What did you learn from Ha¬keem?
He taught me to always get comfortable with colleagues on set, no matter how big they are. He said ‘if you are comfortable with them, you will have a better interaction with them on set’. Initially, I was very nervous. For crying out loud, Hakeen Kae-Kazeem was in the Pirates of The Caribbean and here was small me with him on set. I was intimidated, but he made me comfortable and we blended.

How many were you in the family?
I come from a relatively large family. We had plenty kids and two mothers. In Igbo culture, we don’t count children. I am from a polygamous home and had two mothers. I try not to talk about my family but it was a lovely polygamous home.

What was the experience like?
It was amazing. It is not like I am encouraging polygamy, but we all blended together and treated each other as one. Maybe it was because of the kind of person my father was. We all stayed in the same house and it was a close-knit family. We found it difficult to say ‘this is my step brother or step sister’; we saw ourselves as one.

With your experience, could you be second wife or could you share your man with another woman?
What works for Peter might not work for Paul (laughter). I am possessive; I can’t share my man with another woman.

Tell us about growing up?
It was amazing. I went to the best schools, had the best par¬ents and grew up in the best environment you could think of. Sometimes, I wish I did not have to grow up. Maybe I have Peter Pan Syndrome (laughter). My childhood was so colour¬ful, there were no cares and no worries; it’s hakuna matata. But growing up comes with a lot of responsibility (laughter).

What has been your most challenging role to date?
Wow! That was my role in Triangle.

What made it challenging?
The sex scene made it challenging.

You were hot with Melvin in that scene, how did you pull it off?
The director was determined that I deliver but I was like ‘director, I am not a seductive kind of person’ and he asked, ‘are you saying you have never seduced anybody before?’ And I was like ‘I don’t think I have.’ But he insisted, saying ‘just act it up.’ And for me, it was strange because I was a tomboy grow¬ing up. So, it was quite challenging doing all that, but I gave it my best and it turned out well.

Actresses shy away from acting such roles, how come you were so daring?
If Angelina Jolie could go stark naked for a movie role because it is her job, and everybody accepts it including Nigerians, I don’t think showing a little skin would hurt anybody, and besides, acting is my job.

Does that mean you could go stark naked in the name of be¬ing professional?
I don’t no-o (laughter).

How would you rate Melvin romanti¬cally?
He’s a good guy and he’s lively. On set, he was amazing and very professional.

Could you date Melvin?
Hmmm… I don’t like dating fine boys. Let me be the only fine person in the relation¬ship (laugh¬ter).

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