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Before you blame Nigerian Police with excessive force, perhaps, you should take a few moments to read its cases against Senator Dino Melaye. Last week was the fourth attempt to arrest him for various charges, including a March fraudulent charge that he was allegedly kidnapped. He filed false charges. In April, he was implicated in a murder for hire. In July,Dino was implicated for allegedly shooting a Police officer. We live in a broken system. In an organized society, Dino would not be walking down an ally or daring Police officers while facing allegations of deadly assault on an officer of the law.

The Nigerian Police patiently waited, three days for the eccentric senator Dino who represents Kogi Central District in the National Assembly, but Dino Melaye refused to obey its orders. So Sunday morning, Police, fired series of tear gas canisters into his home, in attempts to force him out. The police had laid siege at the premises of Dino who was suspected to be hiding in his vast fortress.

Earlier, on Friday, Police invaded his home after he continuously ignored to report to the police for possible prosecution, cut off electricity grid to force him out. But he continued to taunt the police until this morning.

My people, when we politicize our national security, we endanger the fabric of our lives. Dino dared the police. He called their bluffs after allegedly shooting one of their own and refusing its invitation to questioning. This nonsense could have been avoided if Dino had contained his foolish ego and eccentrics. In Nollywood clichés: Dino “held the tiger by the tail”. The police respected his place in society as an elected Senator. But he disrespected our national institution… No matter the challenges of our police and their questionable misbehaviors, by the grace of God and Allah, their job description include to serve and to protect Nigerians, irrespective of their place in our complex society. So please suspend your assumptions and hate of the police: be realistic. If na you police say dem wan arrest you and you nor show up, would you still be alive to be tweeting?. Abeg, lets be honest…Dino told olopa, “Do you know who I am?. I am the law. I have more privileges and powers than you”. Mbanu. Police just destroyed his arrogance. Please do not come here with sentiments and stupidity to offer excuses.

We must at all times respect the rule of law: we may disagree with conducts and sometimes applications of the law and its officers, but we must respect that Uniform. The Uniform is our nation-state Nigeria, no matter how its custodians abuse it: Citizens, because of their concerns for the Police corruption, should not act as the judiciary. …. This is beyond PDP. it’s greater than APC. Its not about ATIKU or BUHARI. Its not about 2019 Election. ITS ABOUT NIGERIA…Stop reasoning along party lines: give excuses that are ridiculous. If the police allowed Dino to circumvent the system, una go still cry me a stream and abuse police taya that they allowed Dino to “kill and go” because he is a powerful and privileged senator. Now Police tear gas his ass and una wan feel sorri for the fool…Imagine how long the police had been inviting him; waited for him to honor their invitation.

Lawmakers are officers of the law. If Dino Melaye doesn’t respect the law, then who should?. We the poor and disenfranchised people?. No sir. Despite our irritations as a nation, we are still under one law, one God, one Allah and one destiny. Dino invited this siege and he is paying dearly for it, perhaps, dangerously, too. His beautiful home has become a cloud of chemicals and may soon be demolished… He could have avoided this. But stubbornness and stupid pride, unnecessary Kogi “strong head”. Loser. Anuofia..…. He wanted to be stubborn and reckless. The police obliged him. Gas the black bastard out.

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