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Sanyeri Hooks Lover December



Report reaching Reel World confirmed that popular Yoruba comic actors, Niyi Afonja, well known as Sanyeri by many, will hook his heartthrob in December 2013. The tribal-marked role-interpreter is said to be looking forward to taking his beautiful wife-to-be to the altar to exchange marital vows.

We were informed that the actor and his sweetheart are very excited about the solemnization of their union and that they are doing everything within their powers to make the day joyous and glamorous.

Informants said that the wedding will hold in Lagos and that the ‘aso ebi’ for the wedding ceremony is already out for sale and it is being rushed by friends and family members of the would-be couple.

The wedding programme was confirmed to Reel World when a call was placed to the actor’s phone number last week. “Yes, it’s true, Sanyeri will be getting married this December,” an aide to the funny make-believe star informed us on phone.

Sanyeri got into the consciousness of many Yoruba movie buffs with his comic acts alongside his cohort, Adekola Tijani, better known as Golugo. Both actors always act together in most of their films. Movies have taken the two friends outside the shores of the country and they have won many awards too.


Daniel Ademinokan’s Revelation: My Dad Used To Beat My Mum          

Domestic violence is still an issue that is on the rise globally, which has attracted the attention of some civil society groups and some non-governmental organization, NGO, around the world. Some have asked the government to enact stringent laws aimed at reducing the menace.

Those who have suffered domestic violence have bitterly narrated their experiences and have rendered pieces of advice to those who still suffer it on how to overcome the psychological effect they may be battling with.

Children raised from such homes are also not left out in the psychological spill over they suffer from it, which sometimes affects their learning ability in schools and the way they relate with others in the society.

In Nollywood, some actresses have claimed to have suffered domestic violence, which has forced them out of their marriages. Monalisa Chinda, Kate Henshaw, Chika Ike, are few of Nigerians stars who have alleged domestic violence from their former spouses.

Nollywood producer and director, Daniel Ademinokan recently revealed that he grew up in a home, where his father was in the habit of beating the hell out of his mother. The estranged hubby of Nollywood actress, Doris Simone, disclosed this while commenting on an article written by his alleged lover, Stella Damasus, titled; ‘When Is It Enough’, which talks about domestic violence.

According to him, “When I read her (Stella Damasus) article ‘When Is It Enough’, I could relate with it clearly because I grew up in a home that had love, but also had a father who could not control his temper. I witnessed his brutality towards my mother and the story struck a chord in my heart.”


Quit Music, It’s Not Your Calling—Fans Tell Ex-Beauty Queen, Muna Abii

Munachi Abii, also known as Muna Abii, became popular when she emerged the winner of the 2007 edition of the prestigious Most Beautiful Girl in Nigerian, MBGN, organized by Ben Bruce-led Silverbird Group.

After the competition, she gained spotlights and grabbed an endorsement deal with popular toilet soap, Lux, as its brand ambassador. The same product once had Nollywood star, Genevieve Nnaji, as its brand ambassador until she was dropped.

As an ex-beauty queen and a model, Muna Abii was unable to force herself into the minds of many Nigerians as an A-list star. Later, she delved into music, though she has reportedly been doing music right from her secondary days, but she was not known with that profession.

When it came to public knowledge that the light-skinned pretty damsel was into rap, many crossed their fingers to see if she would make any impact in that field.

Some months ago, she engaged in a hot altercation with respected Nigerian rapper, Mode Nine, which almost ruined her music career. She was reportedly forced to apologize to the ‘king’ of Nigerian rap music after the face-off.

Years after being in the music industry without getting her way into the mainstream of the industry, some fans have lambasted Muna and have also advised her to quit music and look for other jobs because they alleged that her calling is not in music.

A cross-section of people spoken to by First Weekly revealed that they still wonder what the former beauty queen is still doing in the highly competitive music industry in Nigeria, where many talented artistes are struggling to make a name for themselves.

“I wonder what she (Muna) is still doing in the music industry, she should not waste her time doing music anymore because there is no place for her in the industry,” one music buff told us.

Commenting on one of her interviews online, one ’Mr Gentleman’, who commented on a popular blog wrote, “She’s beautiful and high spirited, but not a very good music artiste. Quit music Muna, and move on to other profitable stuff. You’ll do well, I’m sure.”    

Another said, “music is not her calling, but I know she has a passion for it. She is beautiful any day.”

It is believed that Muna is still passionate and optimistic that she would make it big in the music industry. Eforts made to speak with Muna or managers were not successful as our calls were not picked when contacted before we went to press.


Inyanya Won’t End Well If… Yvonne Nelson Spits Fire

When the debut winner of MTN-sponsored music talent show, Project Fame West Africa, Iyanya Mbuk, sang the song, ‘Yvonne Nelson, I love your medicine, all I want is your waist’, many were not too sure if the ‘Kukere’ master was actually dating the Ghanaian star or not.

Before their alleged affair reportedly packed up, both had sworn that they were not in any relationship. Even when a picture taken by the two stars at a beach flooded the internet and riffed the then rumoured sizzling romance, Iyanya still denied it.

It was surprising to many ardent followers of both celebrities, when Yvonne Nelson posted a series of emotional tweets on her twitter page indicating heartbreak from Iyanya. Soon, the blogosphere was bubbling again with the story, but Iyanya still denied dating the Ghanaian movie actress, insisting that his name wasn’t mentioned in the purported tweets by the embittered lover girl, Yvonne Nelson.

But pouring out her mind in an interview, Yvonne Nelson confirmed that she dated the Nigerian music star for seven to eight years before they broke up.

When asked what she still felt about Iyanya, she said, “Iyanya is such an amazing person, but I just feel he needs to be more honest and be a man of his words.”

Dropping the bombshell, the fair-skinned screen queen said, “It’s not good if he takes advantage of women,” adding that, “My mum always says any man, who takes advantage of women won’t end up well. It’s Karma, it’s going to come back to you.”

She advised the wave-making music star to “treat women fairly and he should be an honest person.” She added that, “it’s been a while though, I haven’t seen him. He is doing amazing things in his career and I wish him luck.”


We Would Be Glad To Achieve 10% Of P-Square’s Achievements–Female P-Square, Elvee, Says

The music industry in Nigeria has witnessed a great revolution. In the mid 90s to early 2000s, foreign music took over the Nigerian airwaves and parties. It was then very difficult for a Nigerian song to get attention at parties and radio stations. The request for foreign hip-hop music was on the rise. But like a miracle, all these are now in the past. Hardly will you hear Nigerians requesting for foreign music or hear people playing them at social or public functions. Nigerian artistes now perform outside the country. In Africa, Nigerian songs are now hot cakes.

The likes of 2Face, P-Square,D’Banj, Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Ice Prince and many others have taken over the industry and are now making millions of naira doing music, but a new set of stars recently crept into the industrys.

Though the female-folks have not had it easy in the music industry in Nigeria, with the likes of Omawumi, Tiwa Savage, Waje and few others, there seems to be hope for the ladies in the music industry.

Up and coming female UK returnee artistes, Elvee, comprising twin sisters; Lillian and Vivian, are set to take the centre stage in the industry. They are sometimes regarded as the female version of singing sensational duo; P-Square. They told First Weekly in an interview that they would be glad to achieve one tenth of what P-Square has achieved so far. To them, it is an honour to be compared to the brothers.

Lillian and Vivian pour out their minds on how they intend to make an impact in the highly competitive and male-dominating music industry in Nigeria, when we had a chat with them recently.


Please tell us about your music group a  bit

We are a music group of twin sisters called; Elvee, it is an acronym of the pronunciation of the first letters of our names; Lillian and Vivian. We are very passionate about music and we do an Afrocentric style of music, which is a fusion of the African sound with the Western influences. It is mainly to appeal to the general Nigerian audience as well as Africa as a whole. We are very energetic and we transferred that into our music. Our beats and music are very appealing to the people.


Are you aware of the kind of music Nigerian audience appreciate

Yea, we’ve done our homework and we are ready for that. We are also aware that the music industry in Nigeria is dominated by men and we are ready for that too. We know the kind of sound Nigerians want to dance to and we would give it to them. Nigerians want to party. We are ready to give them up tempo music, which is what Nigerians want, but it has to carry a message and impact people’s life as well.


Is your latest single an up-tempo

Yes, our latest single entitled; ‘Oga Patapata’ is an up-tempo. It is our debut single and it features Don Jazzy.


Why ‘Oga Patapata’ or did you do it as an imitate of ‘Oga at the top’ slogan

Well, we were only trying to hail the earthly man as the king or boss in the song.

How do you intend to make impact in the male-dominated music industry

We are not even going for the women in the industry, but the men. We appreciate what they are doing. We don’t see that factor as an obstacle because we believe that as long as we remain consistent, we would definitely be reckoned with. We just want to give out good music.


What do you think has been the major challenges against women in the industry

Yea, it would be because the women don’t have the right direction in terms of sound, structure; management, and maybe because of inferiority complex as many of them have the fear that they might not be heard. We just have to make sure we don’t allow that become a barrier to us.


How do you intend to cope with bad industry structure in Nigeria as against what obtains in the UK , where you are coming from   

Presently, we are signed with a management outfit called ‘StarCliq’, and what we are trying to do is to inculcate the good structure in the UK into it. We have decided to take a pan-African approach to our business. If it is happening abroad, it can happen here. Nigeria is just scared of having that structure, but there has to be a structure in the music industry in Nigeria.


But what happens where up and coming artistes take their songs to pirates, but later cry foul when they become stars

It is because of the way the Nigerian music industry is structured, we (up and coming artistes) have to go through this in order to be accepted by Nigerians. Artistes have to do this because their (Alaba mix) audience caters for those not on the high income level, who can’t buy an album for N1,000 or N500. But at the end of the day, it has to be with our permission. But until we learnt how to do things the right way, I don’t think things will change. If after going to Alaba to promote our songs and we get popular, don’t you think we should start getting something from them? Piracy is a big problem in Nigeria.

But to be honest with you, if Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Mohammed. That’s how things are done in Nigeria. We only say that after downloading and pirating our works while growing up in the industry, we should get something back when we are up there.


Who are your role models in the industry

There are lots of them like 2Face, Don Jazzy, which we worked with in our debut single, and many others.


How was it like working with Don Jazzy

It was a good experience and honour working with him. He is a good teacher and he brings out the best in artistes.


Who do you intend to work with in the future

There are a whole lot of them; Phyno, 2Face, Tiwa, Waje, Omawumi, Burma Boy and many young artistes still coming up.


A lot of music stars relocated to Nigeria from abroad and they have become successful, is that the reason you are taking such a step

We didn’t come all the way from the UK to fail in Nigeria. This is what we want to do. We have been promoting African music abroad and want to do same here in Nigeria.


Have you had any opportunity to perform on stage at all

Definitely not, but we are working that out. We recently shot a lyric video which is the first in Africa. Our proper video will be out soon.


Who is shooting it

We are working on that at the moment. There are lots of good video directors on our mind.


What is the Unique Selling Point of Elvee

Apart from our unique sounds, our vibe is different. We are very different and we are not going with the norm. We are driven to make history.


How has the experience been so far in Nigeria

Ohh, It’s been wonderful. Lagos is the place to be, the hustle and bustle makes Lasgidi what it is. The traffic, weather, the people, but it’s fun. If you have not been to Lagos, you are still sitting down on a long thing (laughs).


How do you get inspiration for you songs

We get inspirations from everyday experiences. We are not scared to be who we want to be. We fused our language into our music. We are from Imo State. ‘Igbo kwenu’.


Will it be right to say you are the female version of P-Square

Oh gosh, it’s an honour to be the female version of P-Square. If they are reading this interview, we wish to let them know that we hope to do a song with them. They are amazing people. If we can achieve one tenth of what they have achieved, we would be happy.


Ok, tell us a bit about yourselves

We were born in Lagos, but raised in England and have now moved back to Nigeria to pursue our music careers. We stopped our university education just to pursue our music career because of the passion for music. We need to fulfill our purpose; music.


What courses were you admitted for

I entered for Psychology and Performing Arts (Vivian), while Lillian was admitted to study Film Study and Performing Arts. It means we are still in the profession.


What is you fashion routine like

We like to look good and represent with our wears


What can you not be caught with

I can’t be caught with a gun, weed


(Cuts in) Hennessey

Why? We like good drink. A good drink is not bad.

You both are wearing tattoo, what is the inscription and what does tattoo mean to you

We are wearing a tattoo bearing the inscription of our company; BOSS Records (Beyond Our Struggle, Success). Tattoos are expressional and are relative. To us, tattoos are expressional.


Can you tattoo your lovers’ names on your body

No, I don’t think so. What happens when we are no more? I would rather tattoo God or ‘I Love Jesus’ on my body than my boyfriend’s name. My lover will come and go. I can only inscribe what will inspire people on my body.


Where can you never put a tattoo on your body

I think everywhere I put a tattoo is where I can put a tattoo; my arm, back. I don’t know where I can’t put it (general laughter).


What part of your body do you spend more time on

Hmm, my whole body, Lillian has a problem with me become I take my time to apply cream on my body.


How long does it take you to get dressed

It takes Vivian three hours to get dressed, while I spent like one and half hour. I always tell Vivian that she will be late to her funeral. (Vivian says ‘I like to look good’).


But why does it take much time for women to get dressed

Do you know what, I have met a man that takes a long time to get dressed, but women have to do make-up. I want to make sure I look good because good things come to those who wait. We just have to take our time.


How does it feel to be twins

We don’t know any other way of not being twins.


How do you relate with each other

We argue a lot, but we love each other. We could argue now and few seconds later, we are talking. We shared a womb together.


Any special message to anyone

We just want to say thank you to those who have been supporting us. We’ve got a lot to give out.


Are you under any label yet

Not at all, but we are open to anyone that is interested in us.



Fast rising dance hall act, Nasiru popularly known as Oluwa Nasboi is ready to take the music industry by storm in Nigeria. The newly crowned Sheik of Naija dance hall is a talented artiste with unique powerful vocal delivery, exclusive performance and extraordinary stage craft that are rare to find lately.

We learnt that he leaves a ‘wow’ expression on people’s lips as he consistently takes the mile stone ages ahead of his contemporaries, in making occasions more than an event from every show he performed.

Oluwa Nasboi has been uniquely different and has focused on his music career and he’s been the choice of many since his entrant into the music scene.

Surprisingly, those who should know squealed that the airwaves actually had a new face lift since the release of Tanana for the enjoyment of his numerous fans and music lovers in general.

Nasiru, the Port Harcourt based star is already making a hit in the entertainment industry from different shows and engagement, no wonder Nollywood superstar, Omotola Jolade Ekeinde got wrapped in his bundle of talent that are rare to find. ‘He’s really beyond the best,’ Omotola disclosed.

Oluwa Nasboi has promised to officially drop a musical video for his latest single- Tanana which has the cutting edge expertise of Nigeria’s finest music video director, Clarence Peters after the anticipated airplay enjoyment of the audio on top radio stations in Nigeria, Ghana and UK.

Believe it or not, Oluwa Nasboi stands tall among his contemporaries and he has shown what he’s got to send the mediocre off the stage with his delivery, lyrical gusto and persona, which were drawn from his undying passion for dance hall music.

Making sweet memories last for long is the targeted enormous feeling Oluwa Nasboi encapsulates his audience with and the industry watchers acclaimed that Nasiru is the new revolution to the Nigerian entertainment industry and it’s only a matter of time for him to make dance hall music the real thing in the entertainment industry.



Gospel music in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is set to welcome its newest addition, Shina Lori Gangan as he plans to officially release his upcoming single soon.

Real name Ojo Oluwashina Motunrayo, is a versatile artiste as he also beats the popular drum, Gangan, which he has been doing since age 12.  Oluwashina, in a recent interview, said; “my stage name Shina Lori Gangan was derived from my middle name and also from my prowess in beating the local drum ‘gangan’ to perfection.

Shina said; ”I want to give my fans and the people of the world a different kind of gospel music that will take their breath away and also give thanks and appreciate the Almighty God who created the universe.”

In explaining the reason for his choice of music, he said that gospel music is soul lifting and highly sensitive. ‘I believe I have what it takes to motivate and uplift the people of Nigeria and the world in general religiously,’ he said with confidence.

The Oyo State born artist also disclosed that he is planning to drop his hit single soon and also take part in some upcoming gospel music events.

The versatile and soft spoken artiste is also set to be part of the upcoming musical programmed tagged “The God in me”, where he would perform alongside notable gospel artiste in the country.

Shina Lori Gangan has performed on stage alongside Esther Igbekele at the Abundant Blessing Concert and also featured at the Africa Praise with Harvester International Christian Centre.

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