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REVEALED: Why Bayo Ajia, Kwara’s Cult kingpin Was Brutally Murdered



When the news of the gruesome murder of Alhaji Bayo Ajia broke, many were quick to judge and condemn him as can be seen from the captions in various publications. The picture painted of the character and person of late Bayo Ajia was that of a murderous cult kingpin nemesis finally caught up with. But contrary to general believe, Bayo Ajia was finally hacked down due to greed and the cumulative effect of the negative impact the activities of politicians have on the lives of the youth in our society. This will be better appreciated with a perusal of the life and times of late Bayo Ajia.
Little was known of late Bayo Ajia until he gained admission to Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin in 1996 to study Public Administration.

Our source revealed that late Ajia started as a normal student, but got transformed immediately he joined the Eiye Confraternity, a cult group that has been fingered for numerous deaths on and off the campus of the polytechnic. We gathered that he was immediately recruited to the elite ‘hit squad’ of the group. Being of royal lineage and a full-blooded Ilorin indigene, he was of immense significance to the confraternity as he paved the way for the recruitment of boys from influential background in Ilorin like himself to the group. His alleged dexterity as a ‘hitman’ gained him notoriety and groups, we were informed, crossed him at their peril.
Our source further revealed that by the time the late Bayo Ajia left Kwara Polytechnic for University of Ilorin to study Public Administration through his father’s clout, he had become a Kingpin in the Eiye Confraternity.

While at Unilorin, he was dreaded by all especially rival cult groups and it was common occurrence to see fellow undergraduates consult him to seek protection and security.

We reliably gathered that the late Bayo Ajia had the university authorities then, consulting him whenever any cult related crisis is about to erupt to calm the situation.

He was reportedly recruited in 1999 by the late Gov.Mohammed Lawal and was always part of the governor’s entourage. For this, he was generously compensated with a vehicle apart from his Hajj trip that was sponsored by the state government. In the heat of the 2003 gubernatorial election in Kwara state, trouble broke out at a society wedding held in Yebumot Hotel, Ilorin with dignitaries in attendance prominent among who was the late Dr. Olusola Saraki (Oloye) that resulted in the death of two persons. Though late Bayo Ajia professed his innocence, he was accused and arrested after it was alleged that the late Oloye swore that the late Ajia must die. He remained untouchable until the late Mohammed Lawal lost the election and Dr. Bukola Saraki emerged governor of Kwara State.

Immediately afterwards, the late Bayo Ajia was picked up and the case re-opened; he was convicted and sentenced to death for murder by a Kwara State High Court, but despite his appeal, the Supreme Court eventually affirmed his sentence.

Curiously, the death sentence was not ratified by Gov. Saraki but in a twist , the late Bayo Ajia was pardoned and released from Kaduna Prison and arrived Ilorin to a rousing and tumultuous welcome. He settled down and expectedly started working for the Saraki family as both Senator Gbemi Saraki and Gov. Bukola Saraki were the main issues in Kwara politics as at that time, but he had to pitch his tent with Dr. Bukola Saraki when animosity reared its ugly head between the two siblings.

Gov. Bukola Saraki, we were reliably informed turned the late Bayo Ajia’s life around and handed him over to Alh. Abdufattah Ahmed, Dr. Saraki’s successor who he served diligently in the co-ordination of the activities of political thugs. He was compensated with a trip to Dubai, when an earlier promised holiday in the USA did not sail through. He was later given a Tokunbo SUV and a plot of land beside the Kwara State Stadium, where he built and operated his car wash enterprise and sadly the venue of his brutal murder.

Over time, the late Bayo Ajia appeared to have become adept at co-ordinating the activities of thugs for politicians in concert with members of rival cult groups, which apparently placed him in a precarious situation as his hobnobbing with rival cult group members have linked him to certain murder incidents. Of particular note is the hideous shooting and death of an old ‘Black Axes” lord popularly called, Pa Jay at his hotel along Asa Road, Ilorin, which despite repeated denials was attributed to the late Bayo Ajia as the two were last seen together shortly before Pa Jay’s murder. There is also the murder of Bolaji Ajikobi, a Unilorin undergraduate that occurred earlier the same day the late Bayo Ajia was murdered; an incident he was allegedly responsible for.

But unknown to many, we were reliably informed that the late Bayo Ajia was hacked and shot to death because of a business deal gone sour in a job allegedly executed by a mix of members from both Eiye and Aiye Confraternity co-ordinated by the late Bayo Ajia for Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola.

It was the refusal of the late Ajia to share the proceeds appropriately that reportedly led to the conspiracy that extinguished his life.

Our source revealed that the axe cuts on the late Ajia’s head were symbolic because the other acronym for Aiye boys cult group is the ‘Black Axes.’

The late Bayo Ajia was a different thing to different people depending on who is involved; to his boys, he was a wonderful guy, but to his adversaries, a monster.

The lesson one can learn from the late Bayo Ajia’s life is that his life and death is an indication of the reprehensible and abominable way political office holders, elected and appointed, continue to destroy the future of the youth of this country in the sinful and criminal bid to satiate their political ambitions, while their children are tucked away in foreign lands, and shielded from danger.

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